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Lets Talk About Destiny 2!

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I spent my morning playing a free trial of Destiny 2. I went in with very low expectations and decided to share my opinion with everyone. 

I remember when I first saw Destiny 2 in action. I labeled it as Destiny 1.5 and went on with my life. After playing it for a few hours this morning I can see the improvements made to this game, but it’s also still Destiny 1.5 to me. The character creator is the exact same as the first Destiny game and it’s fucking terrible. The same three classes are there with the exact same skills. To mix things up Bungie gave each class a new subclass. My favorite class has always been the Titan so my first subclass was the Sentinel. Basically, that means I turn into Captain America and start shield bashing things in the face.

It was cool, but that’s literally as far as the new shit goes for this class. The skill trees in the first Destiny was bare-boned and it’s no different here. I don’t like the skill system, character customization, and the way the quest system is structured. I do like the loot drops, gameplay, and playing in a group. The game plays butter smooth on PC. I ran this at 75 fps on max settings and my only problem was screen tearing. I fixed this by turning off G-sync even though that’s supposed to prevent screen tearing it fucks with this game for some reason. The graphics options aren’t massive like you would find in other PC games, but I was impressed with the number of options available to me and I was really surprised when the game ran smoothly too.

Destiny 2 is not a bad game. I enjoyed my time with it this morning. I tried and failed, to convince my wife to play with me, but even though I spent the majority of my time playing solo I still enjoyed it for the most part. I did get bored a few times during the story bits and some of the areas that I fought in aren’t very interesting but the fact that I can come here and say that I enjoyed Destiny 2 is something. Am I going to buy it? No. What I played was good, but it’s not $60 good. I know the end game in Destiny 2 is lacking content right now and I can’t see myself buying a game like this right now. The entire time I was playing this game I kept thinking of the global event in The Division. I would rather go back to that than play this game right now and that’s not really an insult to Destiny 2. The Division has gotten really good the end game is great. Destiny 2 is still in its infancy and it has room to improve into a much better game.

I’m not sure if I’m ever going to buy Destiny 2. Part of me wants to, but another part of me wants to wait for Anthem next year. The Division has enough content to keep me satisfied while I wait for Anthem and that’s where all of my time has gone. Destiny 2 didn’t pull me in and make me want to spend hundreds of hours playing this game, grinding for better loot, and making new friends. I played all morning long and when I was done the first thing I wanted to do was jump back on The Division and continue improving my character that I’ve invested 200 hours into.

Have you played Destiny 2? What did you think of it? Have you played The Division? Which game is better for you?

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    Dec 18, 2017 5:23 pm

    I fell off of Destiny 2 about six weeks after it launched. Much the same as you, it just felt like more of original Destiny and that wasn’t enough to keep me going. The Division got me to come back to check out the 1.8 update but it hasn’t sparked me to stick with it. If I didn’t have other things to play I would play The Division before touching Destiny 2 again.

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      Dec 18, 2017 6:12 pm

      1.8 got me back into The Division and I’ve put about 60 hours into the new update. I play it with my wife regularly and we both enjoy it. She wouldn’t touch Destiny 2 so that made the experience less enjoyable for me because I was playing by myself or with random people. The Division is keeping me busy until I can get Xenoblade 2 for Christmas :).

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    The Otaku Judge
    Dec 28, 2017 12:04 am

    I haven’t played either of the Destiny games. From what I hear the company has been caught out doing so pretty scummy things, which put me off. For example they would reduce the xp players earned and one of the trophies couldn’t be earned unless you bought the expansion.

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      Dec 28, 2017 7:36 am

      I have no problem with the reduced xp thing. And many games won’t give you achievements if you don’t own all of the content for them. That’s pretty much the norm these days. I just think the game itself is lacking content and it feels like an expansion not a sequel.

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