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Lets Talk About Elex!

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Elex is beautiful, aggravating, dated, and what you would expect a studio like Piranha Bytes to release in 2017. 

I love open world RPGs. I love getting lost, meeting npcs, collecting quest to complete, good gear, and just having a good time. Elex has all of that here, but it’s also a Piranha Bytes game. That means you take all of that with a grain of salt because if you’ve ever played Risen you’ll know what to expect here. Wonky animations, shitty combat, and decent to bad voice acting.

I’ve played this game for almost four hours and I have an entire list of complaints about it already, but I also have quite a bit of praise for it too. I love the world design. It’s beautiful and this is one of the best open worlds I’ve had the pleasure of exploring in a long time, but actually exploring it can be chore. This game is not for casual RPG fans. You have to invest some time into this game to get anywhere. I’ve died more times in this game in just 4 hours than I have any other game that’s released this year. That’s mostly because of how bad the combat is and it’s also because I’m under-leveled and under-geared for most fights. The customization is good, but I don’t know what this company has against letting players create their own avatar.

I have to walk around as the ugliest ball headed white dude with some scars on his face and a really deep voice. I hate my character with a passion right now. I’ve met some decent npcs that look ten times better than the main protagonist. My dude is still wearing the same run down clothes that I started the game in and I have no idea how to get a new armor set right now. Shop keepers don’t sell them and the bandits that I’ve killed don’t even drop a new weapon for me to use. It’s a really stupid design in my opinion. Give me something for killing these dudes because the fights aren’t easy. I had to lure an entire group of bandits to a giant troll and run around it while looting everyone he killed. Do you know what I got for my efforts? Absolutely nothing. It seems like the only way to get new gear is to join a faction and get access to their gear. I’m not sure what faction I want to join yet, I’m leaning towards the outlaws because it gives me a strong Fallout vibe, and it would have been nice if I could have found some nice beginner gear without joining a faction so early in the game.

The world of Elex is beautiful. Well… the actual world is, but the character models are very last generation. The animations are too. Piranha Bytes should look into developing games with a new engine because this one sucks. Elex is a big mixed bag for me right now. The combat is horrible, but the open world is great. I don’t know if I’m going to stick around to find out if this game gets better. There are better games to spend $50 on. Divinity: Original Sin 2 is cheaper then this game and I recommend buying that over this.

What do you think of Elex? Do you like Piranha Bytes games?

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    Imtiaz Ahmed
    Oct 20, 2017 12:44 pm

    having to kite a mob of people around a troll and loot them while running around sounds insane… the game sounds a bit too demanding if this is what you tried just to see if there was any loot to obtain.

    • Reply
      Oct 20, 2017 2:10 pm

      It is a demanding game. The worst part is I didn’t even get any experience points to level up with because the troll got the killing blow. So I have to decide between killing enemies myself for XP or luring them into traps and losing out on a level or two.

      I did manage to buy myself some good gear after I reached the Outlaw’s headquarters, but it took me 7 hours.

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