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Let’s Talk About Endless Space 2!

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I’ve gotten back into playing strategy games and I forgot how relaxing the genre could be. I’ve played two games. One of them is Galactic Civilization III and the other is a really neat game called Endless Space 2 and that’s what I’m here to write about today.

Endless Space 2 is incredible. It’s a 4X Strategy game that takes place in the endless universe that Amplitude Studios has created. Endless Space 2 has some similarities with Stellaris, but it’s not real-time. It’s completely turn-based and it’s very relaxing too. Everything from the soundtrack to voice acting is really good. At first, I felt a little overwhelmed because of all the information I was being bombarded with at once. I had to learn about how my economy worked and how the political structure of my nation could shape its future. I had to learn about managing my military as well as finding new resources that I could either trade to other factions or use to build unique buildings in my nation.

As well as many other things. This game was overwhelming. So l decided to take it one turn at a time. When I did that things became clearer for me. The tutorial is actually really good and explained everything step by step as they happened. It didn’t just flood my screen with a wall of text and hoped that I understood everything. Once I got about 30 turns in I found my stride. I chose the Lumeris faction and I’m honestly doing really good right now. I’m making a ton of Dust, this games version of money, every turn and I can straight up buy my way into new planets instead of having to build a settler unit to take them. They’re awesome even though I’m lacking in military strength and I’m expecting that to come to bite me in the ass later on.

I know I probably chose the most unpopular faction to start the game with. Most players think the Lumeris suck and they probably do. I’m a noob to this right now, but I love their design and I’m actually doing pretty well with them right now. I’m still in the early game though. That could be totally different 100 turns from now.

Endless Space 2 is fantastic. I’m in love with it and I couldn’t stop playing it last night. It’s much better than Galactic Civilization III to me. At the least the base game is. I’m not sure how good the expansion made Galactic Civilization III so I can’t comment on that. Endless Space 2 is beautiful, has a fantastic soundtrack, good voice acting, and really interesting factions. I’m in love and I can see myself putting some serious time in this game as I continue to play and, hopefully, win some matches.

I have to comment on how relaxing it is playing this game. The music is really soothing to me and I can play this game with just my mouse. I don’t need to touch my keyboard at all if I don’t want to. It’s a great time killer too. Before I knew it it was after 2 AM and I knew I had to get some sleep if I wanted to function like a normal human. If you love 4X games and you haven’t played this one yet I definitely recommend it. It’s actually on sale right now for $9.99 and it’s worth it. It’s worth more than that. I’m debating with myself if I should buy any of the DLC since it’s on sale.

Have you played Endless Space 2? What do you think of it? What are some of your favorite strategy games or games that you think are calming for you? Let me know!

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