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Let’s Talk About Fate Extella Link!

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I wanted to play something like Dynasty Warriors. I’ve always been really curious about the Fate Extella games and decided to take a leap of faith and play one of them! Here’s what I think of my first few hours of Fate Extella Link! 

Fate Extella Link gave me a bit of trouble when I was trying to boot it up. It would not recognize my Dualshock 4 controller at all. After trying for over an hour and I decided to get my old wired Xbox One controller and use that instead. It worked like a charm and I’ve been addicted to this game since I started playing it a few hours ago. It’s surprisingly story heavy for a game like this. Fate Extella plays like Dynasty Warriors. It’s a little faster paced though and doesn’t look nearly as good as the latest games in the series. The level design is the weakest part of this game, but the fast-paced gameplay and roster have kept me invested in this game. The story is… there and it’s not anything to gush about, but I am enjoying it nonetheless. This game has a lot of content. Much more than some Dynasty Warriors games. I’m playing through one of the story modes right now and it’s honestly pretty long and is still introducing new characters to the mix as well as new bad guys. The story is fucking confusing right now, but that’s because I didn’t play the game before and this one seems to rely heavily on that one. There are characters that my dude recognizes, but I don’t know who they are and it aggravates me a little that this game just assumes that we should know. 

There are side stories as well as the main one. I haven’t touched that mode yet because I just want to power through story mode before trying everything else. I like how long the story is and I love the way the gameplay is structured. It’s not about killing enemy officers like in Dynasty Warriors and Fire Emblem Warriors. I have to go multiple bases and kill all of the officers in charge while defending my own territory at the same time. Some battles are really long while others are pretty short. Lu Bu even made an appearance! This game plays as you would expect. Leveling up unlocks new combos for you to perform as well as giving your character permanent stat boost. After each mission, I had a chance to talk to my companion and increase our bond. If I complete side quest while out in the field that’ll also increase my bond with everyone else, but only the main character gets the extra dialogue and story segments. There’s a passive tree system that let me fill empty slots with powerful passive (and not so passive) bonuses like increasing my attack strength or turning all of my attacks poisonous. There’s a lot to like here and it’s giving me that Dynasty Warriors fix that I’ve been craving lately. 

I can see myself getting a lot of play time out of this. I’ve only played as a single character so far and from what I’ve seen there are a lot of unlockable characters and I want to try them all. I hope there are no clones and everyone has their own unique fighting style. I’m not used to playing a game like this that’s not from Koei Tecmo. So far I really like what I’m experiencing and I might even review this one. 

Have you ever played a Fate Extella game? Have you played this one? What do you think of it?

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Share Your Thoughts!