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Lets Talk About Fire Emblem Warriors DLC Pack 1!

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I caved and bought the first DLC pack to Fire Emblem Warriors. I went in
with the fear that these new characters would just be clones of existing play styles and I was right and wrong. 

The first DLC pack adds three new playable characters, three new history maps, a new tier of weapons, new costumes for some characters, and new unlockable crests for every playable character along with some new support conversations too. It’s a lot of content for only $8 and I love the new characters that were added to the game in this new DLC.

Azura is one of my all-time favorite Fire Emblem characters and she’s already one my favorite characters to play as in this game. I love the way she looks, her fighting style, and her ultimate attack is the best ultimate attack in the game by a mile. I bought the DLC yesterday and I already got her up to level 50. She’s amazing and she’s easily worth the $8 price tag by herself.

Niles… is, unfortunately, a clone of Takumi, Sakura, and Anna. He brings nothing new to the table other than being the fourth bow user in the game. I love his character so I played as him for a little bit, but Sakura is still the best bow user in the game because of her ability to heal. Niles ultimate is really cool, but I have little reason to use him over Sakura in my lineup.

Oboro is the second spear user added to this DLC and she plays nothing like Azura. Azura is an elemental attacker while Oboro is pure attack. Her moveset is more aggressive than Azura’s. I thought Koei would have them be clones of each other and I was really surprised when they played completely different. This is a quality DLC that adds a lot of content for only $8. I have new history maps to play through, new emblems to unlock, new costumes, and new characters.

The Fates DLC pack is worth the money in my opinion. If you like Fire Emblem Warriors and want some new content to play through go ahead and buy this DLC. The fact that this adds the first spear units that aren’t pegasus knights had me sold on it.

Have you played Fire Emblem Warriors? What did you think of it? What do you think of the DLC?

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    The Otaku Judge
    Dec 31, 2017 12:30 am

    Azura looks cool. The other two feel like content removed from the original game, to be sold as DLC, given that they appear in the main story.

    • Omar Jackson
      Dec 31, 2017 9:26 am

      The other two didn’t have a completed moveset. They were placeholders and I understand why they weren’t in the game. Niles had the least amount of work put into in my opinion. He’s literally a copy/paste job of Sakura, Anna, and Takumi.

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