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Let’s Talk About Ghost Recon: Breakpoint!

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Ghost Recon Breakpoint will soon be upon us all and I’m here to share my thoughts of my first 3 hours of the game. A lot of quality of life improvements has been made to this game and one major flaw is also present.

Before I jump into things and talk about the actual game I’m well aware of the microtransactions controversy that this game has. It’s a non issue to me. I never at any point during my gaming session felt like I had to purchase anything from the store. I’m leveling up fast, finding new gear everywhere I go and have more skill points then I know what to do with. Will that change? I have no idea. I’m only 3 hours in. I’ll be sure to write something up on it if it does. 


Ubisoft have removed a lot of the microtransactions and said that it was a mistake and wasn’t supposed to launch in the game yet.

I’ve been waiting all year for Breakpoint to release. Ghost Recon: Wildlands is one of the best shooters of this generation and is one of the best co op games I’ve played in a long time. Breakpoint seems like more of that, but improved. We can do little things like cover ourselves in dirt to hide from approaching enemies, hide bodies that we recently killed, and even find loot! Breakpoint is a looter shooter now and at first it was really weird because I’m not used to going through my inventory and equipping weapons with better stats in this kind of game.

I was afraid that this game would be filled with bullet sponge enemies like The Divison and it’s not. Most enemies go down with a single head shot unless they’re wearing a helmet, but there’s ways around those heavily armored enemies. The sniper class special ability is armor piercing rounds. One shot from a sniper loaded with those has killed everything in front of me with a single shot. And I’m playing on advanced mode. I wanted to go with the hardest difficulty (like I did in Wildlands) on my first go, but not having any AI companions turned me off of that idea. I miss my companions helping me out and all of the banter between everyone during those long ass drives. None of that is here and I’m left with my lonely self because none of my friends own the game yet. 

The side activities are interesting and I love how dynamic everything is. My screen isn’t cluttered with shit. It dynamically pops up whenever I’m near something so that encourages exploration. The island is beautiful, but a smaller than Wildlands in my opinion. I know Ubisoft said it’s roughly the same size, but I don’t see it. And it’s not very populated at all. Bolivia felt large because there was so much going on around you. Rebels fighting off the bad guys, entire cities filled with civilians and enemies. 

The lack of npcs actually makes sense though from a story perspective. You crash landed on an island whose only population is employees and natives that’s been taken over by a hostile military force. So while I would prefer some more crowded areas I also really like the feeling of being alone against all odds. The only real flaw I see in Breakpoint is the lack of AI companions. You’re pretty much forced to go into multiplayer because some areas on the map recommends you have a full squad of people.

The gameplay is really good. The shooting mechanics have been improved since the last game, but it’s still not on par with The Division in my opinion. It’s definitely better than Wildlands though. The way you take cover in this game is fantastic though. I don’t attach myself to cover with a button prompt. It just naturally happens like in Tomb Raider and I love that. I wish every third person shooter would have that type of cover mechanic. The face animations on the other hand… are absolutely terrible and I mean terrible. It’s like an early access game from an indie studio not mutli billion dollar corporation. It’s laughably bad. I’m hoping there’s some sort of day one patch in the works for this because it does seem like a bug when my characters eyes roll behind his head or he’s smiling at everyone for no fucking reason. 

The graphics in this game are very impressive. Breakpoint is one of the best looking games that’s released this year. The lighting, shadows, and options like ambient occlusion is really impressive here, but does eat up a lot of performance. Only max those if your rig can handle them. There’s not much visible difference between ultra settings and very high if any at all. The only option I have toggled to ultra is textures and environments while everything else is on very high because they don’t look any different to me. My game also rarely dips below 60 fps no matter where I was or what I was doing. It’s optimized really well so far. 

I really like this game. I don’t like that I have to do everything solo without any AI companions because they’ve always been there in Ghost Recon and it doesn’t really feel like a Ghost Recon game without them, but everything else is better than Wildlands was and that’s what a sequel is supposed to do. I can’t wait to jump back in and do some more exploring. I’m really enjoying myself and I love the fact that it’s performing really well too. I’ve played a lot of shit PC ports this year (Gears 5) and it’s kind of refreshing to finally play a game that actually works on day one. 

Ghost Recon Breakpoint will be released tomorrow on October 4th. 

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Share Your Thoughts!