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Let’s Talk About Ghost Recon Wildlands – Ghost Mode

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Ghost Recon is one of my favorite game franchises. I’ve been playing this series for many years. I was late to Wildlands because I wanted to wait for a price drop. When I finally got my hands on it I only thought it was okay so I shelved it for a few months and went back to it again during one of my bouts of depression and ended up falling in the love with the game.

What bought me back to Wildlands this time is the new Ghost Mode. Ghost Mode lets you play through the entire campaign again, but with permadeath. This massive game has permadeath now and it’s glorious. Ghost Mode also brings a lot of realistic features to Wildlands, like reloading. You’ll no longer keep your ammo when you reload. Whatever ammo you had left in the magazine when you reloaded is now gone forever. It took me a while to get used to this feature because I’m one of those people that’ll reload with 15 rounds left in the clip. 

The permadeath feature has me on my toes at all times. I don’t want to be reckless because I know if I die I’m gone for good, but at the same time it’s given this game a new life for me. I want to play through this from beginning to end or I at least want to see how far I’ll go before I die. The rewards look neat. You get some cosmetic items as well as the Tier 1 rewards if you manage to make it to level 30 without dying. I usually play Wildlands on the hardest difficulty. I decided to bump it down a notch for Ghost Mode. Especially since I’m currently playing by myself. I almost died in the first zone because I got reckless why chasing a POI in a car. I noped out of there real fast once I saw my screen flashing red. 

I’m currently loving every minute of this game. I’m balancing this The Elder Scrolls Online and Monster Hunter World right now. I’m prepping for Elsweyr in ESO and Iceborne in Monster Hunter. I’m currently trying to convince my wife to play through Ghost Recon with me, but I know she’s not a big fan of the whole permadeath thing so odds are I’ll end up doing Ghost Mode alone. What have you been playing lately? 

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Share Your Thoughts!