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Let’s Talk About God Eater 3!

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Calling this game a Monster Hunter clone would be a disservice to it. God Eater 3 is its own game and its one that I’m really enjoying so far. Here’s what I think of it so far. 

God Eater 3 wasn’t received as well as Monster Hunter World. Some reviewers really liked it while most of the major gaming news outlet didn’t and decided to label it as a Monster Hunter clone instead when it’s not. Yes, it does share some elements that Monster Hunter is well known for like killing big ass monsters and making cool stuff out of them. That’s pretty much all you do in God Eater 3, but the big difference is how the game plays when compared to Monster Hunter World. 

God Eater 3’s gameplay is much faster than Monster Hunter World’s. Monster Hunter World’s gameplay is slow and you have to time your strikes or suffer the wrath of a big ass angry beast. In God Eater 3, the gameplay is super fast like Devil May Cry and every stage that I’ve been on hasn’t taken me longer than 5 minutes to complete and that’s including my first boss fight. I like both games for different reasons. If I want a track a monster in a beautiful open world and fight for 20 to 30 minutes while crafting epic loot out of their carcasses I’ll go with Monster Hunter World. It’s an amazing game that’s given me over 200 hours of enjoyment. 

If I want fast-paced gameplay with anime-styled visuals, an actual story, and a decent crafting system I’ll go with God Eater 3. The missions here aren’t nearly as long as Monster Hunter World and honestly, these games couldn’t be more different. God Eater 3 is really good. I’m enjoying it a lot and the PC port isn’t that bad. I haven’t tried playing with mouse and keyboard yet and the odds are I probably never will, but the game runs at a smooth 75 fps and never dips, looks good (not great) and the weapons are really neat. 

So far this game is pretty story heavy. After every mission, I get a full cutscene and a bunch of dialogue about what I’m doing next and what’s happening to the world. After that, I’m thrown into a short mission. My only complaint is that the missions are really short right now. I mean REALLY short. Like 3 minutes and I’m done. The maps are also super small. I don’t need them to be as open as Monster Hunter World, but I would like to be able to explore a little bit before I see the mission complete sign flash across the screen. I haven’t had a chance to get to know any of the weapons because of this. I am having a lot of fun with God Eater 3 though. 

The combat is incredibly satisfying. I’m not used to moving so fast in a game like this. I was expecting some sort of slow, methodical gameplay that keeps you on your toes. Not this. I can easily chain together hits and everything is super flashy. I like it a lot, but I haven’t had a chance to fall in love with the gameplay because the stages are over before they begin and the only boss that I fought was incredibly underwhelming. I’m still at the very beginning of the game though so I’m expecting that to change. I think it’s just easing me in for the hard stuff. At least… I hope that’s what it’s doing. 

The story started off pretty dark as well. I was apparently forced, or volunteered, to be a god eater and I live in a prison with my first two companions and some children. Shit got pretty dark because if anything happens to one of us they’ll force the kids to fight in our place. We eventually got our freedom and I’m very curious about what happens next. 

I like God Eater 3. The missions are super short, but as I mentioned above I don’t need to go on these epic 30-minute hunts like in Monster Hunter World. I just wish I could at least play for more than 3-5 minutes so I can really get the feel of the gameplay and get to know the weapons that I’m using. Other than that I’m having a good time. 

Have you played God Eater 3? What do you think of it? 

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