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Let’s Talk About Grounded!

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Grounded is the latest survival game on the block, but with a twist. It’s like Honey I Shrunk the Kids and it’s actually pretty good.

Grounded released in early access at the end of July. I think most people expected this game to be a dumpster fire because, from what I could tell, no one expected Obsidian of all people to make a game in this genre. And no one expected it to be any good. I was drawn to the concept of it immediately because it reminded me of one of my favorite movies growing up and that simple premise was enough to sell me on the game. Now, Grounded isn’t perfect. It’s far from it. It’s an early access game that has some performance issues on both Xbox and PC and sometimes playing multiplayer matches can be a real pain in the ass.

But this is an early access game and there’s a lot to like here. The gameplay is really good and this game looks phenomenal on both Xbox and PC. My wife and I had a blast playing this game tonight and we had to force ourselves to stop because it’s currently 1 AM here and we have kids to wake up to in the morning.

We got a lot accomplished though. First of all, I rolled a brand new character because I didn’t like my old one and I wanted to start fresh with my wife so we would progress through the game together and at the same pace. I taught her how the crafting worked and to pretty much pick everything that isn’t nailed to ground up because it could be used for something. We slaughtered a bunch of ants, crafted some armor out of their hides, went hunting for food, water, and even got murdered by the biggest spider I’ve ever seen in my life. So… it was a good run. Thankfully, we didn’t have anything essential on us when the spider found us. So we cut our losses and avoided that side of the yard… until that big fucker found our home and tried murdering us there.

We hunkered down and endured it’s onslaught until it bored and left. After a few minutes, I decided to open the door and investigate. It was really gone and sighed in relief. My goal is to eventually be able to kill that big fucker. I crafted myself 50 arrows and a bow and I plan on going spider hunting tomorrow because I need their webbing to make more stuff at our workbench. I even managed to build a really sexy lamp made out of sap. It lights up a good portion of our home too.

I have a very positive first look at Grounded. It’s one of only 3 survival games I can say that I like. The other two being Conan and Subnautica. Grounded is arguably more creative than Subnautica for the simple fact that it takes place in someone’s backyard. It’s a great concept and it’s one that’s honestly being executed really well by Obsidian. And people thought this game would suck. It doesn’t. It’s a little rough around the edges, but I expected that from an early access game. I really enjoyed playing this game both solo and with my wife. She was on the Xbox and I was on my PC. It was honestly pretty cool to be able to game that way.

And that’s what I think of Grounded right now. It’s one of the better early access games out right now in my opinion. The gameplay is really good, it’s fucking gorgeous, and I love the concept of it. Have you played Grounded? What did you think of it?

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    The Night Owl
    Aug 11, 2020 1:20 am

    I was impressed with what I saw of it so far playing solo. For a game in early access I can’t believe how great it looks. That first moment you step into sunshine is really something. 🙂

    • Omar Jackson
      Aug 12, 2020 2:47 pm

      Dude, this game is pure eye candy on both PC and Xbox One X. My only gripe with the X is that it’s capped at 30 while I ran it at over 90fps on PC.

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