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Let’s Talk About Gylt On Google Stadia!

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I was bored and decided to give that 2 months free trial of Google Stadia Pro a try and I’m honestly glad I did. Gylt is a spooky game that reminds me a lot of Alan Wake aka the best horror game ever made.

Gylt, so far, is absolutely fantastic. You play as a little girl named Sally looking for her lost cousin. The game starts off with her posting missing flyers everywhere she can until a group of bullies chases her down a snow ridden path and cause her to crash her bike sending all of her flyers flying through the air. This is where I got control of Sally and after taking a few moments to get used to the controls I started exploring and I really loved the experience I had.

At first, there was no lag whatsoever from the Stadia servers. It was working as advertised and I was really impressed with the service. Gylt is a great little game with a heavy emphasis on Stealth. You do play as a little girl after all and even though I eventually unlocked the ability to kill the monsters around me with her flashlight I still preferred to stay hidden because there were simply too many of them for me to rush in and fight. Sneaking around them and only fighting when necessary was my strategy and it worked all the way up until I quit.

I also really, really love the art style. It’s dark, gloomy, and freaking creepy as hell. The ambient sounds that played in the background were absolutely incredible and filled me with dread as I crept through the barren school hallway. This game also reminded me of Resident Evil or your basic survivor horror game. Some doors can only be unlocked by a certain key or are unlocked by finding your way to the other side from a different entry point. I couldn’t just rush to the next objective because I had to be careful of my surroundings and the creepy-ass enemies that in the school with me.

When I finally made it outside I thought things would let up a little. I wasn’t in a damp corridor anymore. I had the freedom to roam or so I thought. Outside is arguably creepier than inside and that’s all I’ll write about it for now. Another thing I really enjoyed is the voice acting. Dora Dolphin is fantastic as Sally and her excellent voice acting is backed by some really neat music too. This game sounds creepy and added so much to the experience that I had.

As my experience came to an end I nearly had a heart attack as some big ass, hulking monster almost found little Sally and I ran into a new enemy type that could teleport. That should be fun to sneak around.

I mentioned that my performance was mostly fantastic on the Stadia. When I game at around 7 am this morning it was fantastic. When I tried again after 1 pm this afternoon when everyone in my house was awake and using the Internet it wasn’t. It was actually pretty terrible and I was forced to quit. So there’s the downside to the Stadia. I can’t play it whenever I want. Will I rush out and buy a Stadia after experiencing Gylt? No. At least not right now, but I’m not completely writing it off yet. I want to play some more games and really give it a chance before I decide on what my next move will be. And it’s honestly pretty cheap too when compared to every other gaming platform on the market right now.

And that’s my experience with the Google Stadia and Gylt. I can see Gylt being mentioned when I write my top 10 games of 2020. That’s how much I’m enjoying it. The Stadia, on the other hand, needs to sell me big time if I’m going to invest in another gaming platform.

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Share Your Thoughts!