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Let’s Talk About Horizon Zero Dawn!

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I remember a little while ago I told everyone that I bought Horizon Zero Dawn. Okay, it was longer than a little while ago. It was last year September or October.

I ended up shelving the game because I had got knee deep in some God of War and after that, I moved on to Persona 5 and Soul Calibur VI. I just didn’t enjoy Horizon Zero Dawn as much as everyone else. Where was the masterpiece that I had been told about? My brother bought this game for me as a welcoming present to the PS4. He’s a huge Playstation guy and it’s his preferred platform. It bothers him that I don’t use my fancy Spider-man PS4 and he’s constantly trying to recommend games to me on the platform. The ones I do end up buying I get on my PC or Switch. The PS4 is my least favorite platform to game on. That’s why you rarely see Playstation topics here. I don’t like logging on to my PS4 and playing it. I would much rather game on my PC or Switch. 

Horizon Zero Dawn feels like a third person Far Cry game. It just doesn’t have any guns or vehicles. The only weapons you get is a bow and spear. There are other gadgets you eventually get your hands on, but for the most part, you’ll be using your useless bow to chip away at various different machines health bars. If you aim at a weak point you’ll eventually either blow up a section of the machine or knock it off their body completely. Horizon Zero Dawn is a very beautiful game. You can’t call this game ugly. The world is incredibly detailed, the animations are excellent, the lighting is incredible, and the only downside I can think of is the character models. They don’t look as good as the rest of the world, but they still look good. Does that make sense? The sound effects are top notch, the voice acting is great, and there’s a lot to do in this world. So why don’t I love it when it’s my kind of game? 

Horizon Zero Dawns feels like your cookie cutter open world game. Go there and do that and then go over there and do that. It’s third person Far Cry. You even have to climb towers (this game’s version of towers is a cool looking giant robotic brachiosaurus) to unlock more of the map. There are outposts, side quest, merchants, and trials to complete, but I feel like I’ve experienced all this game has to offer me after completing the first zone. That’s not exactly a bad thing, but it’s far from the masterpiece I’ve heard about. It was the same thing with Breath of the Wild. Breath of the Wild is a big open world filled with absolutely nothing to do, but collect gold poo and solve kindergarten puzzles. 

You probably think I hate this game. You’re wrong. I don’t hate it. I’m just not a Sony fanboy and I can admit when one of their exclusives is average and right now that’s exactly what Horizon Zero Dawn is to me. Average. I did have fun playing this for about an hour today. I actually turned my PS4 on and played it for an hour. That’s the most I’ve played it since Resident Evil 2 released this year. I had a good time tracking down alligator looking robots, killing birdbots, and unlocking more of the map to explore. I enjoyed getting lost in its beautiful world, but after an hour I had started to feel fatigued and quit playing. I turned off my Playstation 4, turned on my PC and I know that no matter what I decide to play I’ll probably enjoy it a lot more than I do Horizon Zero Dawn. 

I know I’m probably in the minority here, but what do you think of Horizon Zero Dawn?

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Share Your Thoughts!