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Let’s Talk About Hypercharge: Unboxed!

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I recently sat down and played the free demo of Hypercharge: Unboxed and I walked out pleasantly surprised at what I experienced and it bought back some nice childhood memories too. Here’s what I think of the demo of Hypercharge: Unboxed!

In Hypercharge: Unboxed, you play as a toy. Yes, a toy, and your goal is to defend 3 objectives on a map against other toys. When I saw those little green soldiers I got very nostalgic because those were probably my favorite toys when I was about 5 years old. Hypercharge plays like those old classic FPS games of yesteryear. There’s no aiming down the sights to line up perfect shots. Instead, you just aim and shoot from the hip. You can zoom in for a closer look, but that’s about it.

What makes this game so much fun is a mix of the gameplay and base building mechanics. Before every round started I had a chance to build improvements around my base. The improvements were made from toys. The walls I built were made from Lego blocks. I also had poisonous toys, explosives, and an entire bunker. It’s fun and after I completed my first stage I unlocked more toys that I could build improvements from. I even unlocked some cool new customization options for the toy that I was playing with.

The best part is that I could play solo or in co-op. I really want to play this game with my wife and brother and they’re up to the idea since the demo is free. The base game isn’t very expensive and if we all enjoy the demo together I have no problem buying three copies of the game. This game even has PVP that I might actually play if I get the full game. I love the creativity that’s gone into this game and I’m really glad that it’s not another bland military shooter. It’s something different and the PvE mode is fun as hell. There are obviously options that I can’t try in the free demo and I do want to experience all this game has to offer, but it all rest on whether or not I’ll have someone to play it with because I don’t think I’ll get much mileage out of this game alone.

Have you tried Hypercharge: Unboxed? What did you think of it? Feel free to let me know down in the comments here, over on Twitter @drakulus23 or Facebook.

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Share Your Thoughts!