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Let’s Talk About Immortal Unchained!

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Immortal Unchained is basically Dark Souls with guns. So how good is it? Here’s what I think after spending some time with it.

Immortal Unchained is… a frustrating game. There’s not many (if any) games out there that took the Dark Souls formula and added guns to the mix. This game should be a game changer, but it’s not. It’s incredibly frustrating and has really bad controls. The create a character is as bare boned as they come and the gunplay isn’t even that good. At least it’s not right now… My first impression of this game is a really negative one. Why? Because nothing works the way it should and I feel this way after less than two hours of gameplay. 

What little I know of the story isn’t very interesting either. The sun faded out and the dead has arisen and fucked everything up. After that I saw my ugly ass toon break free of his chains and follow some weird dude down a corridor. Soon after that I got two guns and was able to start shooting shit. The problem is the controls. This game does not play well. I can aim just fine with mouse and keyboard, but my first challenge was trying to get around this shield wielding warrior that blocked the majority of my shots. Why was it so difficult you ask? Because I feel like this game wasn’t meant to do melee combat. Rolling is clunky at best and everything just lacks that oomph that other games in this genre has. 

The only unique thing that this game has going for it is the guns. You can shoot stuff in the face. That’s it. Resting at an obelisk restores your ammo (trust me you’re going to use a lot of it) and lets you equip new weapons and augments to your character. The customization is actually pretty good and I like the way guns look. Maybe this game will grow on me as I continue to play it. I doubt it, but it wouldn’t be the first time I’ve come here and written badly about a game and then dropped a review saying how much I enjoyed it. I did that with Sekiro earlier this year. 

Immortal Unchained is a game that I should love, but it’s not. The starting area is as uninteresting as they come, the enemy variety is meh at best, and the controls is incredibly stiff to me. Maybe it’s just me. Maybe I’m the problem, but from what I’ve seen around the web that’s not the case. I never open up a game and automatically assume that I’m going to hate it and I’m not saying that I hate this game (yet), but I have absolutely no interest in ever playing this game again and I hate forcing myself to play something because I think it’ll eventually get good. 

And that’s what I think of Immortal Unchained. Have you played it? Am I crazy for not liking it? Let me know! 

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Share Your Thoughts!