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Let’s Talk About Jennifer Scheurle Getting Fired From ArenaNet!

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If Jennifer’s name sounds familiar it would be because she has been a pretty controversial public figure and it would seem as if karma has finally paid her a visit. Here’s what I think of her getting laid off by ArenaNet!

People losing their jobs suck, but it happens a lot. It’s how you bounce back that counts to me. People like Jennifer Scheurle losing their jobs doesn’t actually really bother me or make me feel sorry for them. This is the same woman that falsely accused a white man of vehicular assault of two black lives matter protestors despite evidence stating that the man had nothing to do with it. Way to go, dumbass. The guy that did run those poor women down during the black lives matter protest was black. Despite the evidence, she doubled down on her accusations and even posted the man’s identity on her Twitter account. Not only did she face major backlash for it she also almost got sued by the person she was cyberbullying and stalking.

She also accused Atari co-founder Nolan Bushnell, on the grounds that several women had come to her with stories that Bushnell had allegedly been responsible for a sexist and misogynistic workplace environment at Atari during the 1970s with no proof or names of any of the “victims” that Nolan Bushnell allegedly assaulted in the 70s.

Jennifer Scheurle getting fired is karma’s way of biting her in the ass in my opinion. She’s a nut job that hates white men and gamers when they don’t agree with her. ArenaNet is better off without her services and I would think that any potential employer will take a really close look at her social media profile before deciding whether or not they would want to take the risk of hiring someone like her.

Gamers are what keep you employed and developers should bend over backward to make their fanbase happy. Not only will that make them a lot of money, but it would also keep them from laying off their employees when they don’t. I’m not defending toxic gamers by any means, but you’ll obviously face criticism in your line of work, and insulting your fanbase is never the answer or correct response. I would wish Jennifer good luck in finding a new job, but it would be a lie. I honestly don’t care if ever works again in the video game industry. She undoubtedly will find another job somewhere and her rants will most likely continue to happen and I’ll continue to cover them when they do.

That’s my brutally honest opinion on the topic. What’s yours?

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Share Your Thoughts!