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Lets Talk About Kingdom Hearts 3!

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My brother let me borrow his copy of Kingdom Hearts 3 after he finished the game. After playing for a few hours I’m here to write my first impression of the game. 

Kingdom Hearts 3… is terrible. I know a lot of people won’t want to hear something like that, but that’s what I think of the game right now. The first zone in this game is absolutely terrible and I’m not a fan of any of the characters I’ve come across so far. Sora is an idiot with horrible voice acting and every time Donald Duck speaks I want to throw him off of a building. Who thought these guys would be great companions? Out of all of the Disney characters, there are why choose Donald and Goofy. The two least interesting characters in all of Disney. I don’t understand. Listening to Donald and Mickey talk would be like trying to have a full conversation with Mario and Luigi. Can you imagine that shit? 

That’s not even my biggest problem with this game. None of the locations I’ve visited so far are interesting. I went from Thebes (Hercules) to a boring city filled nothing to do. Boss fights are uninteresting, the controls are stiff, and the voice acting is abysmally bad on all of the human characters. The Disney characters sound like they should, but that’s not exactly praise because I’ve never liked the voices for Hercules, Mickey Mouse, Donald Duck, and Goofy. I think your enjoyment of this game will be determined by how attached you are to this series. I’m, obviously, not attached to it at all. I played, and completed, Kingdoms Hearts 1 when I was a kid and I didn’t like it then. I also played part 2 but quit halfway through. Kingdom Hearts is not a good series to me and the same problems I had with the original games I have with this one. The pacing and gameplay stick out the most here. I also don’t understand the praise the graphics of this game gets. It looks okay, but it’s far from what I would consider a beautiful game. 

I went into this game with really low expectations and somehow it still managed to disappoint me. Kingdom Hearts 3 is not a good action game and, so far, it doesn’t tell a good story so what’s the point in it? I rarely use the word hate in anything, but I’m almost there with this game. I’ll keep playing it to see if it gets better, but I’m not having fun at all with it and I would rather be doing anything else. I’m playing it in very short burst because I get burned out quickly with it. Playing for an hour feels like I’ve been playing for three hours. I skip cutscenes that don’t add anything meaningful to what I’m doing and I’ve already started skipping some of the out of reach treasure chest in the area because I don’t feel like exploring this shitty game. Like I said above, maybe this gets better later on, but my first impression right now is that this game is complete shit. If the year ended right now this would be the worst game of the year for me. 

What do you think of Kingdom Hearts 3? Feel free to disagree with me in the comments. 

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Share Your Thoughts!