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Lets Talk About Kirby Star Allies!

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I played the new demo to Kirby Star Allies today. It’s a fun game, but is it worth $60? 

Nintendo’s next game is Kirby Star Allies. It’s a cute game with gorgeous graphics and I can play as Kirby or anyone he decides to throw a heart at and become friends with. The gameplay is really neat and stages are designed really well. I enjoyed what little played, but it didn’t blow me away. This is a Kirby game and asking $60 for this is insane in my opinion. This isn’t Breath of The Wild or Mario Odyssey we’re talking about here. It’s Kirby and I honestly think that it’s overpriced, but I’m going to buy it anyway. Why? Because I promised my kids I would buy them a new game on the Switch and I keep my promises.

The demo was really short. It took about 10 minutes for us to complete each stage and that’s including the time it took for us to explore. The boss fights were fun and the way Kirby makes new friends is adorable. The gameplay is more complex then I was expecting it to be. Kirby can absorb various different abilities like he always could, but any of your a.i. companions (player partners) can give Kirby (and each other) a boost to certain fighting styles. When I was rock Kirby my wife shot me with ice and I slid across the stage wiping out every enemy in our way. It’s fun and I like that we can experiment like that. My most used power was the ice one. I liked freezing shit while my wife went full human torch mode and burned everything down. Our powers worked well together and I liked how we could compliment each other play style.

I don’t like how linear this game is. Yoshi’s Woolly World was linear too, but it didn’t feel linear. I could go up, down and everywhere in between. I can’t do that here, well… at least not in this demo. I think Kirby Star Allies is overpriced. It should be a $40 game at the most. I’m… not really interested in playing the full game, but I know my kids will love so that’s something I guess.

Have you played the Kirby Star Allies demo? What did you think of it?

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Share Your Thoughts!