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Lets Talk About Madden 19 (PC)!

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For the first time in 11 years Madden is playable on PC! I’ve waited a long time to get my hands on this game and my first impression is filled with praise and aggravation. 

Madden 19 is fantastic. I love it to death and I’ll probably be playing it all day long. That being said I don’t like the controls on PC and I can’t remap them. I don’t have a controller (yet) and I appreciate the fact that EA gave us mouse and keyboard controls, but it’s really difficult for me to grasp them right now. I’m not used to moving with my mouse and half the time I’m running in the wrong direction while I’m trying to pass the ball to an open receiver. I also end up pushing the wrong button on my keyboard in the heat of the moment. Instead of throwing to F (who is wide open) I press E by mistake and throw a INT.

It’s unusual for me to play Madden on a PC so everything excited me. I like the presentation. It’s a step up from the last Madden that I played on Xbox One a few years ago. The animations are hit and miss right now. I’m not controlling everyone on the field though. I’m just playing as a single superstar until I get the hang of the controls on PC. Once I’m comfortable I’ll switch to the normal Franchise Mode. The announcers are also better in this installment. I like how much detail they add to the end of a play that I fuck up and they’ll keep referencing my mistake on the next few drives. If I’m having a bad day they’ll talk about all of my mistakes and what I can do fix them. If I keep trying to force a pass to my favorite wideout they’ll mention that too. The gameplay is your standard gameplay that’s been around for years. You left click to hike the ball and press the button that you want to throw it to. The animations are noticeably better since I last played, but I’ve been out of the football loop for a few years now so I can’t comment on how different it is from last year’s installment.

What I do know is that this game fun. I’m really enjoying it and I can’t wait to lead my team to a Superbowl or five. I’m struggling right now because I’m using mouse and keyboard controls, but I plan on getting a controller really soon. I wish EA would have bought back superstar. I loved that mode because it made my character feel alive. I could be a dick, cocky, or a team player and respectful. Since I was a pretty cocky player back in my day that’s the route I usually go for. I was hoping it would have made a return this year, but it didn’t and I doubt it ever will. Even if it did I doubt it would be anything like NBA 2K’s mode.

I’m happy with my purchase and I plan on putting at least 100 hours into this game before I put it down. I haven’t tried out any of the multiplayer stuff yet because I don’t have a controller. Are you a fan of Madden? Have you played the new one? What do you think of it?

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Share Your Thoughts!