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Let’s Talk About Madden 21!

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Oh boy… where do I start with this one? Here’s what I think of Madden 21 so far.

EA is letting everyone (on Steam anyway) play Madden 21 for free this weekend. I downloaded the game last night and played a few hours of it today and, well, it’s nothing but a roster update with a slight graphics update and good gameplay. In short, you shouldn’t buy this game because, once again, EA has done the bare minimum with Madden even though I really enjoyed playing it.

Why did I enjoy it? Because it’s football and I love watching, playing (as in real life), and experiencing the video games. I love building a super team in franchise mode and winning a bunch of Super Bowls, but I won’t be building one in Madden 21 because they’ve done absolutely nothing, once again, in franchise mode and that’s why I play Madden. I don’t care about the head to head shit or MUT mode. I care about Franchise Mode and I know I’m not the only one that does.

There is no reason for me to buy this new game because it’s just a $60 roster update. EA didn’t add anything in this game that wasn’t in the last one. Yes, it looks a little better and the animations are a little better, but is that really worth $60 to you? I was hoping for an overhaul of the shitty franchise mode that we have and we got nothing. We got absolutely nothing. I do want to thank EA though. Playing this game for free convinced me that I don’t need to upgrade from Madden 20. So… thank you EA for saving me $60. Maybe I’ll give Madden 22 a shot if you actually try and make a good football game.

I also think it’s incredibly funny that Madden 21 already had a free weekend. Is the game doing that poorly on PC?

What do you think of Madden 21?

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Share Your Thoughts!