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Lets Talk About Middle Earth: Shadow of War!

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The new Middle Earth game is here and it’s great, tedious, and repetitive at the same time! Here’s my first impression of it so far. 

Shadow of War is a lot of fun. I’m really enjoying it, but I’m also not in a rush to immediately jump back in it like I do with most of my new game purchases. The beginning of the game is slow and the gameplay is the exact same that it was in the last game. This Arkham Style of gameplay, is fun, but has grown a little stale to me. It was a big highlight in the first game, but I don’t see it getting the same amount of praise that I gave the first game because I’ve played so many games with this same style of gameplay and I honestly don’t see any changes this time around.

A sequel should always strive to improve in every way over it’s predecessors and, so far, this one hasn’t done that with the gameplay. Keep in mind that I’m only level 9 right now and I expect that to change as I unlock more abilities to play around with.

One huge change in this series is the customization. I can customize Talion now. In the last game I had to buy DLC to make my guy look different. I could even play as a girl, with a dude’s voice, in the last game. This time around it feels like I’m playing Diablo in a Lord of The Rings game and it’s great. I found so much loot in the 3 hours that I played last night and I even went out of my way to find the memories and other secrets around the area so I could unlock more gear to equip. I never bothered to do the side stuff in the first game because I wasn’t rewarded for it. I’m a huge loot whore and finding legendary loot is always going to appeal to me.

I know the story picks up where the last one left off, but I don’t really have an opinion on it yet. Some shit is happening in a city and I have to save it somehow. That’s all I got right now because most of my time was spent trying to get better gear by killing off the Orc captains in my area and man fighting those guys is just as fun as it was in the last game.

This one Orc just won’t die. I’ve decapitated him, cut his arms off, split his torso open, and burned him alive and he keeps coming back for me. It’s great and it’s also annoying as hell because he shows up in the absolute worst times. The Nemesis system is even better than it was in the first game and I’m looking forward to fighting some overpowered Orc generals in the near future.

Shadow of War looks really good. It’s not the best looking game to release this year and it’s not the worse. It looks better than it’s predecessor and half the games that released this year and I’m running it a smooth 60 fps. I haven’t encountered any bugs or crashes and it’s performing excellently on my rig. I also really like the vast amount of options that are available to me in the options menu. I can tweak the UI to my liking by removing any aspect of it that doesn’t appeal to me. I can even remove the UI completely for more immersion. I appreciate shit like that in PC games and I wish more developers would give me those kind of options in games.

Shadow of War is fun. I’m enjoying it and I’m sure I’ll get my $50 worth from it. It’s a slow start,but I’m sure once I get the ability to recruit Orcs I’m going miss a few nights of sleep while I try and conquer Mordor.

What do you think of Middle Earth: Shadow of War? Do you like it? Are you planning on it buying it if you haven’t already?

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Share Your Thoughts!