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Lets Talk About Monster Hunter World (Again)!

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I briefly played Monster Hunter World earlier this year on an Xbox One S. And three days later I refunded both my Xbox One S and Monster Hunter World. I missed one of the two items though and I finally got around to buying it on my Playstation 4 and I’ve been addicted to it these last few days. 

My first Monster Hunter game was part 3. I briefly played it and didn’t really get into the series until part 4 released on 3DS. So I’m not a new Monster Hunter player by any means. I know the basics and it wasn’t very hard for me to adjust to the changes made in this game. The first thing I noticed was how much smoother everything is. The game is faster and more noob friendly than any of the previous games. That’s not a bad thing at all to me. Hunting down big ass monsters is not a problem anymore because of the new tracking system. If you find enough paw prints, slime, or whatever the hell the monster decides to do on the ground, or walls, your scout flies will lock on to them and lead you straight to them. It takes a bit of the discovery away, but I still really enjoy going up against these things and beating them to a pulp while making armor out of their hides.

The story isn’t anything special right now. It’s pretty average so far. I have to track down a big ass monster for some reason and blah, blah, blah. I don’t care. I just want to hunt shit. The lip syncing is so bad that it’s funny and this game is absolutely beautiful when compared to the games that came before it. The PS4 version isn’t that impressive though. Even on the Pro, but I’ll get more into that in my upcoming review that I have planned. The majority of my time went into the very first zone. I just got to the desert region last night and I can see myself spending about 10 hours just in that zone trying to hunt and craft everything I can before moving on. Right now my favorite weapon to use is the dual daggers followed closely by the hammer. The hammer is my usual weapon in every Monster Hunter game so it’s a nice change of pace with the daggers and I love the rage mode with them. If I had to choose a third favorite it would be the bow followed very closely by the Insect Glaive. I love flipping through the air with that thing and mounting monsters while beating the living crap out of them. 

I also really love how silent this game is. There’s music, but it’s in the background and only really turns up when I’m fighting.  love the ambient sounds in the background and silence of the forest. It makes the game more immersive to me. The main hub is also really nice. It serves as a base for collecting new quest, eating meals before a big hunt, arm wrestling, and, of course, crafting new weapons and armor to explore and fight with. Since I couldn’t make up my mind on what weapon I wanted to use at first I went on a crafting spree and created a bunch of shit until I chose my favorite. That’s all I really have to say about Monster Hunter World right now. It’s amazing and I love it. I put Dragon Quest 11 aside for this game and I don’t see myself picking that up again for awhile because of this game. 

In the short time that I’ve played this game I’ve ran from a T-rex, got killed by a fire breathing dragon, beat another fire breathing dragon in the desert until it flew away, and got killed by some sort of underground monster thingy while hunting another monster thingy. And I loved every moment of it. 

Have you played Monster Hunter World? What did you think of it? Is this your first Monster Hunter game? 

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Share Your Thoughts!