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Lets Talk About Monster Hunter World!

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Monster Hunter World has a release date and it’s coming sooner than everyone thought it would. 

Monster Hunter World got a new trailer and I have mixed feelings on it. On one hand it’s a new Monster Hunter game and I’m super excited for it. On the other one I came away from the new trailer not really impressed with it. The voice acting was atrociously bad and if Capcom is trying to blow us away with the story I think they’re going to fail at it.

The lip syncing was horrible and I hope this game doesn’t change make Monster Hunter too casual to the point that it feels like a completely different game. I might just be over-thinking on that last part, but I can’t help it. The gameplay looked great and I love the open world. I think Monster Hunter will benefit from it because it’s not restricted to the 3DS anymore. My biggest complaint is that it’s not going to the Switch. The Switch can run the game and there’s no excuse on why I shouldn’t be able to buy it on my favorite console. I don’t own a X1 or PS4 and this game isn’t going to make me rush out and buy one. Why? Because it’ll be on PC a few months after the consoles get it and by the time I do get around to buying it it’ll probably be around $30 on PC.

I love the monster designs, graphics and the song they chose for the trailer was awesome too. I’m hoping that Capcom decides to port this game over to the Switch along with the PC because that’s where I want to play it, but if it doesn’t happen I’ll still be able to experience it on PC in all it’s glory.  I have no problem with Monster Hunter going back home to consoles. I think it’s a good move and I think it’s going to be successful here. I don’t think it’ll sell in Japan though. If it’s not on handheld it won’t sell. I really want to try that grappling hook out. It’ll be much easier to traverse the world and jump on top of big ass monsters with that in my arsenal.

What did you think of the new Monster Hunter World trailer? Are you going to buy the game? If you do what’s your platform of choice?

Monster Hunter World will be released on January 26th, 2018. The PC release date has yet to be announced.

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    Imtiaz Ahmed
    Sep 19, 2017 12:55 pm

    I’m with you. I don’t understand why this isn’t on the Switch. I see the series benefiting greatly on handheld, and even though worst case I’ll also get it on PC, it’ll hurt to have to play it at the PC.

    Even though I don’t commute to work or anything, being able to pick up your Switch from your bed side and snag in a quick 30 minutes session is God send. I only have so much time to game so set ups like this benefit me alot, and the Switch fits in my life so perfectly because of it.

    • Reply
      Sep 20, 2017 9:06 am

      The reasons you mentioned above is exactly why I want this game on the Switch. I love playing my Switch in my bed like I do with my 3DS or just sitting in my chair (where my laptop is) and playing it there. If I’m going across town I can take it with me and play on the go like I do with Monster Hunter Generations on the 3DS. Capcom is being pretty shitty towards Nintendo’s new console imo.

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