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Lets Talk About Octopath Traveler!

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After stating on Twitter (multiple times) that I wasn’t going to buy this game guess what I did? I bought the fucking game and I love it. 

Octopath Traveler is a different kind of JRPG. The way it looks would make you think it’s nothing more than a simple homage to the older Final Fantasy games, but it’s not. Octopath Traveler tells the tale of 8 different protagonist and you can choose which one you want at the start of the game. Will you be the dancer Primrose trying to get revenge for her parents murder or will you be the faithful Ophilia and go on a pilgrimage to light sacred fires all across the land? I choose Cyrus as my starting character and found his story to be really interesting. He’s also voiced really well and plays like a black mage from the classic Final Fantasy games. He can hit entire groups of enemies with his spells, but can’t take much damage.

The beginning of this game could be hard if you don’t use strategy. Since I started off alone I made sure I was properly equipped before heading out of the city and immediately went after Ophilia. I’ve been playing for about 4 hours and I have 5 party members already. Cyrus, Ophilia, Tressa, H’aanit, and Olberic. I just got Olberic and I’m looking forward to starting his story after grinding him up a little bit. Octopath Traveler is completely open. I can go wherever I want and recruit party members in any order I want. I’m not used to being able to do that In JRPGs. I’m used to following a set path and it’s refreshing to be able to take things at my own pace. The enemies on the map scale with my party so I don’t have to restrict myself to one part of the map to grind like I have to do in other games.

I’m really enjoying Octopath Traveler right now. I didn’t expect it to be this way. There’s no end of the world threat that forces a band of strangers together to overcome it. It’s just 8 people with their own problems to deal with and I love that. This has to be breaking some kind of JRPG tradition. Right now my focus is getting every party member. After I get everyone I’ll focus on Cyrus’s story until I finish. I know I’ll eventually end up doing everyone’s story, but I’ll probably do H’aanit’s story last because I don’t like the way she talks. Her story (so far) is the least interesting of the bunch, but I love her fighting style. It’s like I’m playing Pokemon. H’aanit can capture and summon any unit. She also has her trusty kitty by her side.

The gameplay is where this game shines. It’s like the Bravely series, but a little different. If you hit an enemy with an attack that they’re weak to enough times they’ll enter a break state. Once they’re in this state any attack they receive will do double damage on them. I like to save up my action points and unleash them once I break an enemy. I think I prefer Bravely Default/Second gameplay over this game. I’m only a few hours in, but I think battles last too long right now.

What do you think of Project Octopath? Do you like it? Do you hate it? In the short time that I’ve been playing it it’ already one of my favorite Switch games.

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    The Shameful Narcissist
    Aug 06, 2018 9:45 pm

    I’m jealous. All I have to say. I’m trying to be a good adult and not buy anything until next payday because adulting sucks and bills are terrible. The more I read about friends playing it, the more I just want to say “fuck it” and go to Target. I have a credit card there for a reason.

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      Aug 07, 2018 3:20 pm

      Lol. If it wasn’t for my wife I wouldn’t have Octopath right now :). She spoiled me this month. I got a 55 inch 4K TV, Ni No Kuni 2, Dishonored 2, and Octopath Traveler. And she’s going to let me get a tattoo and the new Madden game :).

      If you do decide to say, “fuck it” you won’t be disappointed lol.

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        The Shameful Narcissist
        Aug 12, 2018 5:47 pm

        Niiiice. You deserve it dude after all the shit you went through. I bought it haha. Couldn’t resist and peer pressure is a hell of a drug. I was up until near 4 in the morning playing Olberic’s story and then started Primrose’s. The only reason I stopped was because my Switch was dying. I can’t stay up that late tonight, but I’ll probably hop on and play more later. Primrose’s scenario is intense.

        • Reply
          Aug 12, 2018 8:38 pm

          Primrose has the best story in my opinion. Her story is dark and it doesn’t let up. Wait until you do the next mission :). And thank you for the kind words. This year has been rough and the fact that we can even afford this kind of stuff right now is amazing. I’m very appreciative of my wife.

          I did the same thing when I first started playing Octopath. I was up until 3 grinding my party so I can do everyone’s second mission. I’m trying to just focus on 4, but I ended up leveling everyone up to 30 so I can do their second missions lol.

          • The Shameful Narcissist
            Aug 19, 2018 7:12 pm

            Yeaaaaaah, I was shook when I started hers. It was like something you’d see on Game of Thrones or SVU lol. Her willingness to do anything for vengeance is so damn real. I love her voice actress, too. The voice acting is just good all around, and I’m super picky about that. I usually will have Japanese with English subtitles, but I’m glad I went with the English. So far the only character I find slightly annoying is Tressa hehe but she’s a young girl so I can deal with it. I’m about to make a bad pun, but I ship her and that one captain because I’m a dork.

            I’m glad you’re with someone who is so supportive and gaming is so important to mental wellbeing when you’re a gamer. It requires so much shit though!

            Have any recommendations for good grind spots? My highest character is level 16 I think. I do like that new characters catch up pretty quickly since you’re usually fighting enemies far above your level by that point.

          • drakulus
            Aug 20, 2018 5:33 pm

            The best grinding spot under level 35 is in Stonegard. Enemies there can be tricky, but the xp and job points you get after battle is worth it. If you don’t know where Stonegard is it’s the city where you do H’annit’s second chapter is.

            Tressa’s story is really light compared to Primrose’s, but I like her innocence and her money making abilities :).

            My wife and I do our best to support each other through all of the tough times. She’s been there for me through some dark times in my life and I’m super appreciative of her.

            Primrose’s story is so interesting. I love her flashbacks of her life before everything went to shit. I won’t say anymore because I don’t know how far you are in the game yet :).

          • The Shameful Narcissist
            Aug 26, 2018 5:08 pm

            I was doing the Carrion Caves then I went to the Whistling Cavern since it’s the same difficulty level. I kinda of like that better. Olberic, Tressa, and Primrose are now at Chapter 2 levels, but I’m going to wait for everyone to be there before I move on.

            She’s grown on me lol. She’s a sweet girl and her money making abilities are amazing. Every boss I fight I’m robbing blind. I think I got over 11k from the optional boss in the Whistling Caverns.

            I’m not even on Primrose’s chapter 2 yet, but yeaaah, she seems like the person with the most intense story line.

          • drakulus
            Aug 26, 2018 6:29 pm

            Make Tressa a Thief until she learns that passive ability that lets her steal twice the amount of goods from enemies. So instead of getting 11k you would get about 22. She’s so awesome :).

            I don’t think I’ve found the Whistling Cavern. If I did I don’t remember where it is.

            Primrose is my favorite character by far. Cyrus is probably my second favorite as of right now.

          • The Shameful Narcissist
            Sep 01, 2018 8:17 pm

            I was thinking of giving the “opposing” character that character’s ability because a lot of the time I’m alternating between them. I prefer Alfyn’s ability to Cyrus’ since there’s usually no chance of failing, BUT sometimes Alfyn isn’t at the level to do it, and I love Tressa’s all hitting wind attack. I haven’t visited any of the job shrines yet (I don’t know where they are yet). The Whistling Cavern is near Primrose’s hometown going towards Cobbleston. It’s right in between there in the north.

          • drakulus
            Sep 01, 2018 10:56 pm

            Changing someone’s job doesn’t change their special ability. Therion is the only character that can open locked chest and that makes him essential to me. I love Cyrus’s ability because I can find out which enemy is weakened by specific attacks. My Cyrus is a mage/merchant so he has access to Tressa’s wind magic as well as his own OP magical attacks. Tressa is a jack of all trades character. Her and Alfyn can do any job brilliantly. Olberic would struggle as a mage and excel as a warrior while Alfyn/Tressa won’t have that problem. That and Tressa’s costumes are really cute. Especially the hunter :).

            Here are the shrine locations

            Warrior – North Stonegard Pass
            Sholar – Western Noblecourt Flats
            Thief – South Quarrycrest Pass
            Hunter – East Victors Hollow Trail
            Merchant (this one is the furthest one away) – Moonstruck Coast
            Apothecary – East Saintbridge Traverse
            Dancer – Northen Wellspring Sands

            Cleric – Western Stillsnow Wilds

            Equip Cyrus’s ability that makes enemy encounters rare and rush to the shrines if you’re underleveled.

          • The Shameful Narcissist
            Sep 03, 2018 8:05 pm

            I did notice that. I like having Therion in the party just in case you run into any of those special chests and Cyrus is good because he has that passive Analyze ability.

            FYI you would really love FFV based on how you feel about this system in Octopath. It’s exactly like this only in V no one has a “main” job to start out with 🙂

          • drakulus
            Sep 05, 2018 1:46 am

            Is FFV on PS4? I just completed FF15 a few minutes ago and it’s my new favorite FF game. It was incredible. I would love to play part 5 if it’s available on PS. I could always buy it on PC if it’s not.

            I don’t like that I’m forced to bring Therion along everywhere with me because I have to swap one of my main four people out with him every time I enter a new area. If I would have known he was essential I would have just chose him as my starting character :(.

          • The Shameful Narcissist
            Sep 09, 2018 8:11 pm

            I don’t think they have it in the store for some reason, but they have it on iPhone and Android. I have the Final Fantasy Chronicles version that comes with FFVI.

            That’s sometime I’ve noticed, too. He’s the only one who can open those chests, but he doesn’t have a lot of great moves. I’d rather have Tressa with her collect ability, but now that I have the merchant job, I can give it to him so he can do that. Sometimes I’ll just tell myself I’ll go back to an area later and clear out any treasures I missed.

          • drakulus
            Sep 10, 2018 5:04 pm

            Since we’re on the topic of FF did you hear about FF Crystal Chronicles remaster? I used to play that game all the time on Gamecube and I would love to play it again on the Switch :).

            I did the opposite. I gave Primrose the thief job and Tressa is my Hunter/Merchant. I’m constantly switching my party members around so everyone is leveled up for their story missions. I usually end up revisiting areas with Therion and unlocking every chest I skipped.

          • The Shameful Narcissist
            Sep 12, 2018 9:12 pm

            I’ve never played that one, but I know it’s going to make a LOT of people happy. I’m excited it’ll be on the Switch though. Everything should be on the Switch IMHO.

            I’ve been trying to have every job in my party but spread out in a decent way. Therion as a merchant is pretty sweet since I can have him steal items AND money and same with Tressa as a thief. Primrose is usually my support character so I don’t mind making her a thief either or an apothecary.

            I just finished Therion’s Chapter 2 so I know a lot more about him and I think him and Olberic should hang out lol.

          • drakulus
            Sep 13, 2018 10:31 am

            I’ve started using Primrose as my healer. She’s a Cleric and she’s really good at it too. The bigger mana pool also helps out a lot. Tressa is still my archer merchant and I gave Cyrus the merchant job for the wind spells. They’re super strong when he uses them compared to Tressa.

            My party is pretty even and I see myself eclipsing 100 hours in this game when I’m done with everyone’s story.

            You should see Ophelia and Primrose’s conversations :).

          • The Shameful Narcissist
            Sep 14, 2018 2:21 am

            That’s what I do when I don’t have Ophilia in my party! Prim is a good support character so I either have her as healer or Scholar. That’s a good idea for Cyrus because he lacks both wind and dark spell, so I’ll sometimes make him a dancer. The sprites for the guys as dancers are so damn adorable I don’t know what to do with my life lol.

            Easily. I’m already over 60 hours and I’ve only done Alfyn’s and Therion’s chapter 3. Alfyn’s was deep…and I had a feeling it was going to go that way, and Therion’s really makes you understand his character.

          • drakulus
            Sep 15, 2018 10:11 am

            I leveled up Cyrus as a dancer for the passive abilities. There’s one that lets him regenerate his mp ever turn. It’s super useful. And his ultimate passive lets him regenerate hp. The most broken skill in the game is the merchant’s summon ability. I’ve downed bosses with a single summon so that’s another reason why I have Cyrus as a merchant. I leveled Tressa up as a Thief until she learned how to steal double the loot with one turn. So instead of getting 5k I’ll get 10k from a single monster. Do it to everyone and you’ll be rich in no time :).

            I leveled Olberic as a scholar just so he could learn how to regenerate health. I haven’t done Alfyn’s chapter 3 yet. I’ve been super distracted with Bloodborne lately.

          • The Shameful Narcissist
            Sep 15, 2018 7:57 pm

            That’a great idea. Are you talking about the Hire ability? I haven’t used that too much. I thought I’d like Olberic as a Warrior, but the only advantage it really gives is the ability to use the axe and bow, which isn’t terrible, but I rarely use any of the other abilities. I still have Therion as a Merchant since I can have him both steal and collect. Knowing me I’ll probably have everyone learn everything hehe. I love the steal double ability.

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    Red Metal
    Aug 13, 2018 1:15 pm

    A lot of independent accounts have been saying this game is better than critics are making it out to be, so I just might try it out soon.

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