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Let’s Talk About Persona 4 Golden On Steam!

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Well, it happened. It finally happened… after I went out of my way to buy a PS Vita Persona 4 Golden dropped on Steam and it’s absolutely fantastic.

I always thought that we would have a Persona game on PC one day. Why? Because Sega announced a while back that they were considering the PC platform for some of their PS exclusive IPs. Sony does not own Persona or Yakuza. The latter ended up on Xbox One and I think it’s only a matter of time before Persona does too. Persona 4 Golden is incredible. It’s dated as hell, but the characters, story, and soundtrack help make up for it in my opinion.

This game played beautifully on my PC at 60 fps. I couldn’t get it to go higher than that, which is weird, but I might be doing something wrong since I know there are people out there running the game at 120 fps. I’ll figure it out. The only thing I dislike is starting over from scratch and going through all that dialogue again. I just did my first battle after 3 hours of story dialogue. That’s not a bad thing and I appreciate the fact that this game is taking its time in setting everything up, but I literally just went through this a few weeks back so my PC playthrough is kind of going at a snail’s pace right now.

Persona 4 Golden is on PC now and that comes with certain expectations. Can you adjust graphics, FPS, field of view, etc? There’s a decent amount of graphical options to tweak, but nothing to the insane level of Gears 5. But this is an 8-year-old game. I wasn’t expecting much and was pleasantly surprised that I could max out things like anisotropic filtering, shadows, and antialiasing. There’s also V-sync and that’s really about it. The port itself is a success in my opinion. There are no game-breaking bugs and it runs like a dream on my rig and just about everyone else’s too.

This game also has mouse and keyboard support and it’s honestly not bad. I can actually click on stuff with my mouse in this game which is almost unheard of in thing in JRPGs on Steam. I’m very impressed with the port of this game and it’s the number one global seller on Steam. A lot of people have been wanting to play this series on a different platform so thank you Atlus for finally listening!

I’m really loving Persona 4 Golden. It sucks that I have to start all over from scratch, but it’s honestly worth it. This game looks better, performs better, and I can play it with my Xbox controller. I love it and I want to know what you think of it? Have you played Persona 4 Golden before? Did you double dip and get in on PC or are you a brand new Persona player? Let me know here, Twitter, or even on that cesspool known as Facebook.

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    The Night Owl
    Jun 16, 2020 10:50 pm

    I’d REALLY like to see Persona on Xbox! Yakuza is OK but not really my thing but I think I’d be more into Persona based on the reviews I’ve read. 🙂

    • Omar Jackson
      Jun 25, 2020 10:30 am

      There’s really no reason why Atlus shouldn’t at least consider it. Japanese games don’t tend to sell well on Xbox and that might be a factor, but how expensive is porting an old game like Persona 4 anyway?

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