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Lets Talk About Pixel Privateers!

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I’ve spent the better part of my day playing Pixel Privateers with my wife. We originally gave up on the game but decided to give it another chance. 

Pixel Privateers is developed by the same guys that developed Pixel Piracy. Instead of looting islands for booty we’re out exploring space, landing on different planets, and beating the shit out of everything in our way. Don’t get too excited about the exploring space part. This isn’t Everspace or Elite Dangerous. When I say “explore” it’s more like Starbound, but with less exploration in space. The galaxy serves as a mission select screen that lets you choose to do missions in whatever order you want.

This game is simple. Click to the spot that you want to group to move and kill everything in sight. It’s like a sci-fi Diablo game. The higher the difficulty the better loot you get. I’ve found some pretty nice items already. Unlike Diablo, this game can get really hard if you go in a room unprepared. I’ve died from enemies one level higher than me because I underestimated them. Dying in this game can be brutal if you lack the supplies to bring your squad back to life. If you’re playing in hardcore mode it would mean game-over and you’ll have to start from scratch. That’s not something I want to do in a game like this so I just stuck with normal and I’m having fun with my wife. It’s a good little game to sink a few hours into every now and then, but we don’t see ourselves playing this game like we do Starbound.

The environments look really good. The only ugly part in the game is the character models. They didn’t even try to make these guys look good. They’re about as pixelated as they could get. The environments, on the other hand, look like this:

It’s a really pretty game and I like exploring the different biomes with my squad. Boss fights are like Diablo. You fight a superpowered enemy and hope that you win with your shitty gear. In this game that would most certainly mean death because you won’t do enough damage to the enemy before it aoe kills your entire squad or just hand back while its minions do the work for it. This game can get intense and I like that about it.

Making sure my squad is equipped with good gear is another thing I really like about this game. Some times I would have to make sacrifices and have one person with shit gear hand in the back while the strong characters take most of the damage. It doesn’t always go according to plan, but I’ve gotten pretty lucky so far. If my entire team gets wiped out I can clone them and bring them back to life. Cloning cost matter which can be acquired in multiple ways. The simplest way is to break your equipment down instead of selling it. The best way is to complete a mission and select matter as your reward instead of loot.

Pixel Privateers is a fun game. My wife and I have about 8 hours in it right now and we plan on playing some more. Have you ever played Pixel Privateers? What do you think of it?

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Share Your Thoughts!