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Lets Talk About Pokemon Dark Rising!

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Every once in awhile I like to try out some fanmade Pokemon games. I’ve played some real gems and some abominations. Which one is this game?Pokemon: Dark Rising is known for its difficulty. Usually, when people claim a game is hard I end up breezing right through it. I got a real reality check with this game. I’ve already lost twice (which is really rare for me) and been in more close calls than I can count. This game is definitely living up to its reputation right now. One of my favorite things about Dark Rising is that it’s not afraid to try something new. The starter Pokemon in this game are all dragon types. I’m not forced to choose between fire, water, and grass anymore. The three Pokemon are Dratini, Bagon, and Gible. Since I train a Dragonite in every Pokemon game that allows me to catch one I decided to go with Gible this time. I was regretting my choice for the first hour because Gible doesn’t have the best moveset and everything was giving me a really hard time because of my low speed and defense.

Once I got to level 15 that changed because he learned dragon breath and shit just started dropping once I shot them with that move. Another thing that I learned the hard way was to not use up all of my Pokeballs that the professor gave me at the beginning of the game. Why? Because I didn’t have a chance to buy any more for an hour. Once I used up all of my pokeballs I was forced to KO everything that appeared because there were no shops in the area. I had to go through a huge forest filled with Pokemon trainers and rare Pokemon and it hurt me to my soul to KO a Bulbasaur because I know deep down that I probably won’t run into another one so easily. Once I got to my first official town I stocked up on a ton of Pokeballs and potions and headed right back into the forest to catch everything I had skipped. Pokemon trainers are no joke in this game. Many trainers had Pokemon that were at my level and packed a serious punch. The villains (that have no name right now) almost beat me. I survived because of my Staravia and it’s OP wing attack that loves to crit everything. I need to train and my whole party is close to level 20 and I don’t have a single badge yet.

I’m not used to having a challenge in Pokemon games. It’s a nice change of pace and now I actually have to consider the weaknesses of my party and what Pokemon I’ll need in my party. I usually only have to do that shit in multiplayer matches. This game surprised me and in a really good way. I’m really enjoying it right now. The story hasn’t progressed yet. The only thing I know is Arceus (Pokemon Jesus) is talking to my character in his dreams and there’s some big bad evil about to happen. I don’t know what the evil is, but I did battle an evil version of Lance using a legendary Pokemon that KOed my poor Gible with one move. My poor Pokemon didn’t stand a chance in hell and got owned.

Pokemon: Dark Rising is great. I want to play this game just to see how much harder it gets. Will this game still be hard once I have the party I want and not just what I had to catch to survive the first few hours? I don’t know, but this game has me wanting more and that’s never a bad thing. There’s actually a sequel to this game called Dark Rising 2. If I want more Pokemon after I complete this game I’ll probably jump right into the sequel.

Have you ever heard of Pokemon: Dark Rising? What do you think of it? What’s a game that everyone told you was really hard and you breezed through?

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    Imtiaz Ahmed
    Mar 29, 2018 10:30 am

    the promise of a super hard pokemon game seems quite cool. There are many pokemon games I missed out on, all between pokemon yellow and pokemon X on 3DS. Playing pokemon X and even Pokemon Moon, the games are waaaay too easy and I really don’t like that.

    I remember when I first played pokemon, I started out with blue, and I picked Charmander, and manf or the first bit of the game, things were super tough, but addicting and fun, and pokemon hasn’t really done that for me since the original game. Granted, after the first bit, things got much easier as gym types started going in my favour, and I only ever used Charizard once he evolved, so he was a good 30 levels or so above everyone. But it took a while to get there. And even going through caves and such were met with close calls still.

    Not sure if any pokemone game does this, but a thing that really bothers me. You run into random trainers and gym members and leaders. They can have a few pokemon, say 1 or 2, but the game always lets you use your full party, which is absurd. How is that fair? It makes matches way too onsided and there’s no fear of losing any pokemon. Not sure if any pokemon game rectifies this at all, but I’m surprised to play through Moon and see me win matches simply because I have more pokemon than someone.

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      Mar 29, 2018 10:40 am

      Pokemon Moon is fantastic. It’s harder than the last few Pokemon games that released, but not by much. If you’re looking for a hard as shit Pokemon game try Pokemon Reborn (that game is brutal you have been warned), Pokemon Dark Rising 1 & 2, and Pokemon Insurgence (that one is dark as hell. Murder and crap like that). All of those games are fantastic and the gym leaders have a full set of 6 pokemon and will wreck you if you make a single mistake against them. Winning battles are rewarding because you earned the win by using strategy and not brute force. You can NOT brute force your way through Pokemon Reborn lol. Oh and Reborn has 18 gyms.

      Pokemon Revolution Online is another great one. You don’t just have access to one region. You start in Kanto. After you beat Kanto (pokemon master uses 80+ pokemon) you move on to Johto, then Hoemn, etc. It’s a great Pokemon game and the only one that lets us travel the entire world. It’s an MMO too and that’s always fun because I introduced my wife to Pokemon Red through this game :).

      If you’re interested in anything I mentioned above let me know and I’ll send you the links to all of them.

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