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Lets Talk About Pokken Tournament DX!

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I was originally going to buy something I haven’t played before. I bought DB Xenoverse 2 and I was leaning towards getting Thimbleweed Park, and Azure Striker Gunvolt, but I caved and got this instead… And I don’t regret that decision. 

I love fighting games. They’re one of my favorite genres and it never takes me long to learn a new one and, what does the kids say these days? git gud at them. I bought two fighting games yesterday. I wrote about DBX2 yesterday. And even though I recently commented that I was putting off playing Pokken Tournament DX I couldn’t. My willpower wasn’t strong enough and I ended up putting some hours into yesterday and this morning.

Pokken Tournament is fantastic. There’s a larger roster of Pokemon, new game modes, a split screen mode (do NOT play it) and a very active online community. I don’t even have to wait for 10 seconds to find a ranked match online. I wrecked a few people with Scizor this morning before taking a break to write this. The new Pokemon that were added to the game are awesome. Dark Rai, Scizor, Empolean, Decidueye, and Croagunk are all really good fighters. Dark Mewtwo and regular Mewtwo are available from the start as well. That bring the total number of fighters up to 21 and that’s insane for a new fighting game.

Pokken Tournament runs butter smooth too. There are no dips in FPS (unless you play in split screen mode), it has a higher resolution and sharper image than it’s Wii U counterpart. My favorite new feature is the 3v3 battle mode. I can choose a team of three Pokemon to go up against someone else’s team. My team is usually Decidueye, Machamp, and Gengar and I’m really good with them. New support Pokemon have also been added to the game. The other two starters from Pokemon Sun/Moon are support Pokemon now.

Pokken Tournament is the best fighter the Switch has to offer right now. The gameplay is much better than Xenoverse 2’s and performs better in handheld mode. The controls are nice with a pro controller and with the regular Joy Cons. This game is worth the $60 price tag to me. I’m going to get a lot of hours from this game and if you’re looking for a fighting game that’s not Street Fighters 2 on the Switch I recommend it.

Have you played Pokken Tournament DX? Do you plan on buying it if you haven’t?

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  • Reply
    Sep 23, 2017 12:09 pm

    What’s up with the split screen mode? Is it just down to frame rate issues or are there even more problems?

    • Omar Jackson
      Sep 23, 2017 2:41 pm

      It’s just fps problems. Really bad fps problems. My wife and I just stuck to the regular versus mode without going into split screen.

  • Reply
    Sep 23, 2017 12:48 pm

    This is one that’s high on my list if I end up getting a Switch at any point.

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