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Lets Talk About Ragnarok M Eternal Love!

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Ragnarok is yet another MMO that’s available to play on the Google Play Store. Here’s what I think of the game after putting a few hours into it. 

I played quite a bit of the original Ragnarok on a shitty PC I used to own. I’ll admit that the only reason why I played it back then was because that was one of a few games that my PC could actually run. Eternal Love is Ragnarok, but a little different and it’s quite beautiful too. After I installed the Google Play Store on my Amazon Fire 10 one of the first games I downloaded was this one. The first game I downloaded was Final Fantasy Opera Ominia a.k.a the best phone game ever made!

That’s a topic for another day though. We’re all here to talk about Ragnarok! Eternal Love looks absolutely beautiful on my Fire 10. I have a nice big screen and colors just pop on it. The gameplay is simple. All I have to do is tap on an enemy to attack it or, and this took me a little while to figure out, I could activate auto attack and watch my character grind a few levels. I never found auto battle to be fun in any mobile game because I like to actually play my games, but I could see how this could potentially be useful since this is a grind heavy game. The beginning of the game is slow and the starting quest aren’t anything to write home about. What do you expect from Ragnarok though? It’s an old as shit game and MMOs back then were all pretty much the same. Accept quest, skip a bunch of shitty dialogue, kill monsters, rinse and repeat for hundreds of hours. And I love that stuff. I really like this game and the tap controls aren’t horrible, but the virtual control stick is. Holding a direction down on my touchpad just feels off in this game when it would work beautifully in others. 

The questing system is very simple. There is no auto tracking like in modern MMOs these days, but that sort of adds to the charm of this game. The gameplay is very simple at the beginning, but once I unlocked my first class it became more interesting. I’m a Thief and I plan on leveling myself up to Assassin. Leveling isn’t hard, but it can be grindy. That’s where auto battles will probably come in handy once I get tired of doing it all manually. If you’re a fan of Ragnarok in general I highly recommend jumping into this game now because there’s a lot of people playing it right now. This game does go by old MMO rules though. Whoever hits an enemy first gets the rewards for killing. Trying to out-kill higher level players that are in auto battle mode is near impossible and can be annoying since so many people are playing right now. 

Once too many people come around me and start hogging all of the kills I move to another area. Teaming up is pretty much pointless in this game. The group doesn’t get credit for killing enemies together so my wife had to wait for me to catch to her before moving on to the next quest. That quickly got annoying and we eventually just stopped playing together. I’m enjoying this game for what it is though. I’ve always had a soft spot for Ragnarok and this game is just an updated version of that with some changes. I hope future patches would make playing together fun since this is an MMO, but I don’t mind playing solo for awhile. This is a pretty good game to play before bed and, like I wrote above, if you’re a Ragnarok fan you’ll probably like this game. 

Have you ever played Ragnarok? What was your favorite class? If you haven’t what do you think of this game?

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Share Your Thoughts!