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Lets Talk About Secret World Legends!

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Secret World has gone free to play and has been renamed Secret World Legends. I haven’t played this game in years and decided to jump back in and see what missed. 

Secret World Legends is a unique MMO. There’s not really anything else like it. Instead of choosing your standard warrior, mage, or rogue you get to play as classes grounded in reality. There’s still your standard warrior, mage, and rogue, but they’re different. The tutorial in this game is super long, but it’s the most interesting tutorial I’ve ever played in a MMO.

The aesthetic is amazing, the story is interesting, and the three factions that I can choose from are still the most unique three factions I’ve ever joined in any MMO. I can play as a member of the Illuminati. That shit is awesome and the story for that faction is really interesting right now. I don’t know if it’ll stay interesting, but I really want to know more about this world around me. The gameplay is weak link right now. It’s dated and feels old, but it’ s not terrible. It’s good enough for me to want to keep playing.

The different character classes are all really unique and I love that there’s a negative quirk to being a mage in this game. If I keep casting fire spell my character would eventually overheat. I have to cool my body down by casting ice spells and I’ve never had to do that before in a game. My dude is an assassin that good with blades, and elemental magic. When I notice my body getting too hot I switch to my blade until my body cools down. I’m not sure how blood magic would affect a character because I haven’t tried it out yet, but I’m really curious to see what would happen if I kept casting blood spells on everything.

Secret World is not a new MMO. If I’m not mistaken it released the same year Guild Wars 2 and Guild Wars went free to play before this game did.

If want to play a unique MMO that’s unlike any other one out right now try this game out. It might surprise you.

What do you think of Secret World Legends?

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Share Your Thoughts!