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Lets Talk About Soul Calibur VI!

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It’s finally here! I’ve been wanting to play another Soul Calibur game since 2012 and I’m happy to report that this game does not disappoint! It’s the best Soul Calibur game we’ve gotten in a long time. 

I’m only 6 hours into Soul Calibur VI and I’m already in love with the game. It’s much better than part V and IV and gives me more to do than both of those games did combined. The gameplay is smooth as butter, the graphics are amazing, and Geralt of Rivia is a playable character in this game. What more could I possibly ask for? Well… I would love to play as some of my favorite characters like Hilda and Tira, but I can’t. Do you want to know why? Because they’re locked behind a paywall. The messed up part is Tira is already finished. There’s no reason why she should be part of the season pass. I even went up against her in arcade mode and that pissed me off because I have to buy her. This roster is small. I understand that they couldn’t put every character ever into this game. You know what… scratch that. I don’t understand why Bandai is following in the steps of Capcom and other developers and locking known fighters behind paid DLC. 

I support DLC when it’s good, but this feels… cheap. Add more to the game with DLC like adding in new stories, or brand new characters that we’ve never seen before. Don’t lock fan favorites behind a pay wall and expect me to be okay with it. That beings said I am in love with this game. Half of my time went into Libra of Soul. Libra of Soul is a story mode for your created character. It places us on a big world map and task us with completing side quest along with a fully fleshed out story and a lot of dialogue. It’s surprisingly good and I can see myself getting many hours just out of this mode. I briefly dabbled in the game’s main story mode called Soul Chronicle. I played through Geralt’s disappointedly short story and moved on to Libra of Soul. I haven’t tried out the online versus yet because for some reason I can’t find a match. I eventually got fed up with waiting and just did arcade mode and beat my wife about 18 times in versus mode. This game plays incredibly well and I can see myself getting many hours of enjoyment out of it. The popular create a character made it’s triumphant return. The customization in this game is nothing short of amazing. There are already a ridiculous amount of nice looking characters floating around the web and I plan on adding a few of my own once I start creating characters. I haven’t touched this mode, outside of Libra of Soul, because I want to unlock more customization items before I commit to creating my first character. 

 My favorite characters to use (since my girl Hilde isn’t in the game) is Mitsurugi, Ivy, and Geralt. My all time favorite characters are Hilde, Mitsurugi, Cervantes, and Nightmare. I can wreck shit with all of them. In this game my most played character is Geralt by a mile. I think he’s a perfect fit for this game and you could make the argument that he plays better in this game than he does in his own Witcher ones. I love how he utilizes all of his Witcher abilities in this game. I can blast people away with Aard, shield myself with Quen and follow up with an attack, or just burn them with Igni. He’s an amazingly versatile character and I can see him becoming one of my all time favorites. I want to use him in some multiplayer, but I can’t connect to any matches :(. The only practice against real people that I’ve had is against my wife and honestly she’s no challenge :). 

Ivy isn’t a character that I’ve ever been comfortable with, but I’m getting pretty good with her. I can do most of her combos already and I think she’s pretty easy to use too. Since Hilda isn’t in this game, yet, she’ll do. She’s also moving up the ranks as one of my favorite fighters. I love that whip-sword that she uses. I can hurt you up close and from a distance. In only 6 hours this game has moved into my top 5 of the year. I can easily call this my game of the year, but I want to play it some more first. I want to try out the online multiplayer and make some Soul Calibur friends. 

Have you played Soul Calibur VI? What do you think of it? Who’s your favorite character? And what do you think of the new Libra of Soul mode? 

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    Brandon Green
    Oct 24, 2018 8:11 pm

    Man… Soul Calibur VI is so damn good. My only problem with it so far is that there aren’t many stages. The game could do with a few more arenas to fight on.

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