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Let’s Talk About Star Renegades!

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Star Renegades is a new JRPG roguelike game and if you’ve been following me for a while you’ll know that roguelikes are my least favorite genre. Here’s what I think of my first two hours of Star Renegades.

Star Renegades is… not for me. The gameplay is fine, but repetitive and going from map to map and killing enemies in turn-based combat got old fast for me. I don’t think roguelikes and turn-based battling go well together. It doesn’t help that’s there’s not really anything else to do in the game besides battle and the battle system isn’t good enough to carry this game.

I like that I actually had to think to win some battles. I can’t just spam my strongest attacks because that would open me up to taking critical hits from the enemy. I had to time my shots by attacking first with light attacks that would push the enemy’s turn down further and allow my slower teammates to act and potentially break their formation and armor.

Boss fights are… a slog to get through. The battles take too long and sometimes it feels as if I’m meant to lose the battle because of how long it takes to lower their health and shield bars. They do a massive amount of damage to my entire team while I barely do any to them and that’s where my problems with this genre come in. I don’t like the fact that if I die I have to start over in an “alternate reality”. Especially since most fights are very slow-paced.

I can give myself a passive boost (like you can in most roguelike games) by finding items on the overworld. They’re usually guarded by enemies and I can choose one of three items. These items range from taking up my armor to enchanting my attacks with bleed damage (which is actually pretty useful) to flat out increasing the damage of every attack I do by a set percentage. I can see myself getting really powerful if I can keep my team alive and not get destroyed by another boss. If I decide to keep playing that is.

There is a story here, but it’s honestly pretty bare-boned. If just served as a way to get to know the mechanics of the game. You also get companions that you can “get to know” at campfires in between battles, but don’t get too excited. It’s just a few sentences of dialogue that has zero character development. It just serves as a way for you to unlock double team attacks with characters that have a strong bond with each other.

I’m sure fans of roguelike games will enjoy this game. As for me, I expect more from this genre. Roguelike games, to me, are a lazy way to make up for the shortcomings of developers’ games. I’m not saying every game in this genre is like that, but a lot of them are in my opinion and this one did absolutely nothing for me and at the end of the day I would rather play anything else before I decide to try this out again.

What do you think of Star Renegades? What do you think of roguelike games in general?

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Share Your Thoughts!