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Let’s Talk About Star Wars Jedi Fallen Order!

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I’ve spent about 8 hours in Jedi Fallen Order and I have mixed feelings on it. Here’s what I think of it so far.

If I had written this after my first two hours of gameplay I would have been gushing about how good the game started. That train section was crazy. The first area I landed in wasn’t so bad and the combat is, well, kind of basic and borders on average. Fallen Order sure is pretty though and the best part is that it’s not running on Frostbite.

The problem I have with Fallen Order is that it’s not very interesting. It has good voice acting, excellent music, and sound effects, and average everything else. The combat tries its best to be Dark Souls or Bloodborne and just doesn’t hold up to those games at all. It’s bare-boned and honestly kind of boring. The story still hasn’t picked up yet and I’m on my 4th planet and I have to retread a previous planet because I have a new upgrade to work with now. Since I’m on the topic lets talk about how this game is a Metroidvania. A poor Metroidvania.

Throughout the game, you’ll come across areas that you can’t get to because you don’t have the required ability or item that you need to progress. Star Wars being a Metroidvania never really clicked with me from the getgo. None of the areas are very interesting and exploring them more than once felt like a chore to me. The platforming sections are average, the combat is average, and the worlds are poorly designed. They’re damn pretty to look at, but they’re poorly designed. I was hoping I could lean on the story and have that be the reason why I finish this game, but even that is average.

Movement feels very clunky and it’s easy to get stuck on the ground while enemies repeatably knock you over until you die. Boss fights are a joke and aren’t memorable at all. At least right now they are. I do appreciate that this is a single-player Star Wars game and we haven’t had one of those in a long time, but it’s far from the best game in the series. It’s the best one under the EA banner, but that’s honestly not saying much.

Customization is in this game. You can find new colors for your outfit, robotic companion, and ship. It’s very basic, but the colors are nice. You can customize your lightsaber too, but it doesn’t affect your stats in any way. The customization here is average like the rest of the game. The only interesting planet that I landed on Dathomir and I couldn’t even finish it because I had to backtrack to a previous planet to get something I was missing so I could progress. The Metroidvania elements hurt this game in my opinion and just serve to add padding to what would be a short game.

Jedi Fallen Order is honestly one of the worst games I’ve played all year long. I’m going to stick with it because I plan on reviewing it and I hope that it does get better, but I’ve already experienced 4 out of the 5 planets and I doubt the last one will make me change my mind. It’s a poor Metroidvania and poor Star Wars game. It sure is pretty though.

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