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Let’s Talk About Sword Art Online Alicization Lycoris!

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I’ll admit that I’m a fan of the Sword Art Online Games. They’re not what I would call great JRPGs, but I enjoy them. Fatal Bullet being my favorite of the bunch. Alicization Lycoris isn’t a game I would pay $60 for. I did manage to snag a PC copy for $40 though and I have mixed feelings on it so far. Here’s what I think of my first 9 hours of gameplay.

There’s been a lot of fuss about it taking so long to unlock the multiplayer aspect of this game. I honestly don’t mind it because I look at playing as Kirito the way I did Geralt in The Witcher games. It’s his story so it’s only right that we play as him. That being said, Kirito is no Geralt of Rivia. I really like Alicization. I think it’s probably the best Sword Art Online game yet, but it has some really bad performance issues and doesn’t like working on high-end machines.

The PC port is also pretty bare-boned. You can’t even move the camera with the mouse or use the mouse buttons to attack. Everything is done with the keyboard and that’s an incredibly annoying way to play any PC game in my opinion. So I connected my Xbox One controller via Bluetooth and my experience was so much better. The performance still sucks and chapter 1 is a slog to get through, but I think I’m nearing the end. The gameplay is honestly where this game shines. I really like it and, so far, it’s pretty deep.

Learning when to block, counter, and chain attacks with my party were confusing at first. I still don’t think I fully grasp it yet, but I like it a lot. It sort of reminds me of Xenoblade 2’s gameplay and how you could synergize with your partner and unleash devasting combos. This game is story heavy and, so far, I like the story being told, but the game has slowed up to a crawl. My day basically consists of going to school (which is annoying as shit) listening to a shit ton of dialogue, and then going outside to slay a single monster. Rinse and repeat. It’s honestly not fun at all. When I am out in the open zones it’s really fun though. I can go fishing, complete side activities, slay monsters, or just explore the world around. And the game does look really nice. It’s the best looking Sword Art Online game to date.

It’s just getting through the forced school shit that’s preventing me from really getting back into the game the way I want to. I feel like I’m progressing at a snail’s pace and it’s making me not want to play the game anymore. I’m not going to stop because this will be my big review for this month, but man it’s testing my resolve. There is a lot to like here though. I was really enjoying myself before the whole forced school thing started. I like how open the game is and how varied the activities in it are. And I love fishing whenever it’s available as a side activity in every game I play. There’s even a fisherman level you can raise that will let you catch rarer fish. There’s also a smithing and cooking levels too. And I’m going to work on those eventually.

For those of you on the fence on whether or not to buy this game on PC I would recommend waiting for a few patches to drop first. This game is buggy right now and released before it should in my opinion. Other than that though, it’s actually a good game that’s worth putting some time into.

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