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Lets Talk About Sword Art Online: Fatal Bullet!

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The latest Sword Art Online game is here. The previous games in the series are okay, but none of them were worth playing all the way through. Will this game make me a fan of the series? Here’s what I think so far. 

Fatal Bullet changed the way Sword Art Online is played. It’s a third person loot shooter now and I’m enjoying it more than I have any of the previous games. The gameplay took some time for me to get used to because this game doesn’t play like your average third person shooter. I can’t take cover, pop up, and kill shit like I do in other games. That’s a real shame because I feel like this game could benefit from a cover system. I die quickly from just about everything and my teammates A.I is horrible. It’s the worst A.I ‘ve had the displeasure of playing with since Resident Evil 5. At least Sheva gave me ammo when I needed it. I could drop dead right in front of my partner and she won’t do anything to save me. She’ll roll repeatably and die shortly after from gunfire. My companions even have a problem following me. They’ll stay a football field away from me and won’t follow me up the simplest passages. When I get into fights I’m usually by myself and taking a ton of damage while I wait for my partners to finally follow me and give me some cover fire. The problem is they rarely ever attack anything. They just continuously switch weapons and buff each other and by the time they’re done all the enemies are either dead or we’re all dead…

Not all is bad about this game though. I’m really enjoying the gameplay, mission structure, and characters. This game reminds me of Phantasy Star Online in some ways. My brother says it’s exactly like Freedom Wars (I’ve never played it) and he became interested once I told him that the same devs made this game. I did recommend he wait before buying it because of the god awful A.I. I can no longer refund this game because I’m past the 2-hour mark on Steam. I’m about 5 hours in right now and I honestly don’t want to refund the game. I think it’s pretty good and I want to keep playing it. I haven’t experienced any major bugs and the game runs perfectly fine for me. My rig does get really hot while playing this game though.

Fatal Bullet is fun. I prefer technology over fantasy and I can see myself playing this game all the way through. The story is interesting, the characters are okay so far, I like the gameplay, and collecting the sweet loot that enemies drop. The loot system is pretty great right now. I have a bunch of rare gear that I don’t know what to do with yet. I haven’t decided on a build for my character and I don’t want to waste my skill points on improving myself too much before I make up my mind on what weapon I want to use. I have decided not to be a sniper so I can scratch that off list. This game also, surprisingly, has a pretty great character creator. There are a ton of customization options available and I was surprised at how well implemented it was in this game compared to the last one. I made myself an awesome looking avatar and partner too. This game does have multiplayer, but I haven’t touched it yet. My first few hours went into learning how to play and experience the single player stuff before I jump into PVP and PVE multiplayer shit. I’ll have time to do that later.

Have you played any of the Sword Art Online games? Have you played this one? What do you think of it?

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    Feb 27, 2018 4:33 pm

    SAO games are pretty generic, but I love the anime enough that the fanservice pulls me along. The MMO style raids in the last game made the experience for me. I did like Freedom Wars, so between that and this being SAO I’m definitely interested. I just know these games plummet in price rather quickly, so I’ll grab it once it hits $15ish.

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      Feb 27, 2018 7:26 pm

      I wish these games were cheaper on PC. They on sale once a year I think. They’re always $50 on Steam. I agree that the SAO games are generic. This one is more up my alley because of the guns so I’m enjoying it more than the last one I played. That… and I’m not forced to play as Kirito.

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