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Let’s Talk About Tangledeep!

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I think Tangledeep is the first roguelike game I’ve fallen in love with.

I hate roguelike games. The procedural generation is usually lazy and the games punish you more than reward you in my opinion. I almost didn’t buy Tangledeep because of this, but I’m really glad I did because it’s a really good game with an excellent soundtrack. The best thing about Tangledeep is that you can adjust the game’s settings to your liking. You can add health regeneration after combat, make monsters even harder, or turn off permadeath. In my first run, I’m playing the game the way the developers intended. With permadeath on and no modifiers added to my game to make it easier, but the fact that they’re there and I can turn them on if I decide that I’ve had enough of losing my characters is enough for me to recommend this game. The gameplay, to me anyway, is fantastic. It’s your classic dungeon crawler with a top-down view. When you defeat enemies you get job points. Those job points can be used to unlock new skills for your chosen class and weapons. 

In Tangledeep you play as a young woman who wants to find out the mysteries of the Tangledeep. At the beginning of the game, you have a choice. You can just jump right in (like I did) or play through the two tutorial areas first. I kind of wish I did the latter because I still don’t know how to teleport back to town so when I have a lot of gear to sell or store away for when I eventually die I have to walk all the way back to town to do that. The gameplay is like those Mystery Dungeon games. Imagine Chocobo Mystery Dungeon or Pokemon Mystery Dungeon and you’ll have a good idea of how this plays. It has turn-based combat but in real time. It’s also much more open than any mystery dungeon game I’ve ever played and the Roguelike elements are tame compared to some other games that I’ve played like this. It actually feels like I’m getting somewhere and it helps that the stages are well designed and music is really nice to listen to. The soundtrack is the highlight of this game. 

While most Roguelikes will have you battling hordes of monsters by yourself this one allows you to have a monster companion. If you buy a hammer you’ll be able to wack a monster to sleep, take them to a certain section in your town, and register them as a companion. It’s really neat and kind of gives the game a “gotta catch ’em all” feeling. There is no multiplayer in this game at all. I’m not sure multiplayer would add anything to this game though since it plays more like a mystery dungeon game and it’s turn-based. 

I’m really enjoying Tangledeep right now. It’s well worth the $20 I paid for it on the Switch and I can see myself putting some time into it. I usually really hate this genre so I’m really glad I finally found a game that I like. Who knows… this game might make me a fan of Roguelikes. 

Have you ever played Tangledeep? Do you like Roguelike games? What are your favorite ones? What would you recommend me to play?

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