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Lets Talk About The Division 1.8 Patch!

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The long awaited patch for The Division is finally here and it makes a lot of changes to the game. Here’s what I think of it so far.Β 

I’ve spent the last two and half hours playing the new 1.8 update in The Division and I really like the changes that I’ve seen so far. The biggest addition is the West Side Pier area. It’s a brand new area, finally right?, that adds a new hub called Camp Clinton, daily missions, special assignments, and two new game modes to play called Resistance and Skirmish. I haven’t visited this area yet so I can’t give my opinion on if it’s a good addition to the game or not. All of my time was spent doing my daily missions and underground runs.

The underground has changed a lot with this patch. The directives that I can choose are different and so is the actual missions that I play. Hunters are now in the underground and they drop exotic gear on death. I got steamrolled from two of them earlier today because I wasn’t expecting them to show up on my very first run.

Another major change has been done to the Dark Zone. Rogue 2.0 has been introduced and it changes the way you go rogue. Accidentally shooting someone was a big problem for me in the Dark Zone in the past. This new 2.0 system changes that. The only way to go rogue is to toggle it. That prevents mistakes from happening and makes the Dark Zone more pve friendly. I can see this being an issue for more cowardly players, but I like it and I think I’ll be visiting the Dark Zone more often than I used to.

This update also adds new classified gear sets to the game, but I haven’t found any yet and I doubt I will any time soon. 1.8 is a huge patch. Its a 10 GB download and I’m really enjoying it. My wife is currently downloading the patch and once she’s in we’re going to the West Side Pier together so we can experience everything for the first time.

If you’ve never played The Division now is a great time to start. The game is much different than it used to be and it’s better than ever right now. It has a great community and a lot of people still play it.

Have you ever played The Division? What did you think of it? Will this bring you back?

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Share Your Thoughts!