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Lets Talk About The Division… Again!

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Every time The Division takes a step forward the developers manages to take it a few steps backwards…Β 

The Division has been my go to multiplayer game since it released last year. I stopped playing Warframe to focus on grinding my character to top tier in The Division. Every time my character reaches that top tier level Massive decides to overhaul eveything about the Division to the fix the shitty pvp and gimp everyone. I can’t tell you how many times that has happened to me, but I can’t playing because The Division is a fun game. It’s like Diablo with guns.

Not many people play The Division for it’s pvp. The majority of us wants more pve content, but Massive is hell bent on adding more pvp content that no one plays. I played survival mode three times and went back to the Underground because I’m not a fan of pvp modes. I’m not going to bother buying The Last Stand because it’s not worth it to me. All of us has been screaming for new pve content and Massive hasn’t been listening. Instead of getting new year 2 content we’re getting two small updates that won’t add any new pve zones. Why bother revamping your entire game in update 1.5 if you’re going to change it again in 1.6 for the pvp players?

Who is your target audience these days Massive? It obviously isn’t anyone that enjoys good pve content because you keep changing things that worked really well in the pve in favor of pvp. I know there are pvp players out there, but they’re outnumbered by a large margin when compared to the pve players. Daily missions, underground runs, and strikes can only keep people invested in your game for so long before we get fed up and leave.

I’m not quitting The Division (yet), but I don’t see myself logging in as often as I used to. I guess I’ll be reinstalling Warframe or just stick with ESO until something happens with this game. I’m not hating on The Division in any way right now. I’m a huge fan of the game. It scored quite well with me in my review and even made into my top 10 games of 2016, and got a very high spot on my top 10 multiplayer games of 2016. I love the game, but I don’t like the direction it’s going and I hope Massive does something for everyone that doesn’t like pve or The Division will be a ghost town.

Are you still playing The Division? Have you ever tried it?

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    Mar 24, 2017 4:06 am

    The game needs to be split for balancing both PVP and PVE, I don’t know how, but that’s what needs to be done.

    They also need to accept that the DZ is a failed experiment. It was a good idea, but it just isn’t good. Leave it alone and start again with something new.

    The ‘year 2’ content if you can even call it that is very, very poor. But it’s ok because it’s free… (because if they charged for it people would probably leave and never come back).

    I started getting in to the Division a month or so ago and was having fun, but just as I start to get it, it changes and I feel lost again. I can’t be bothered to keep up with it all.

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      Mar 24, 2017 9:29 am

      I’ve been playing it since it released and I’ll probably keep playing it, but not as much as I used to.

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