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Let’s Talk About The Pokemon Controversy Again!

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Pokemon “fans” are at it again! The Pokemon controversy got worse as the release date to Sword and Shield drew closer. We got hashtags like Gamefreak Lied and Sword and Shield have been review bombed on Metacritic. Here’s what I think of it!

I know I’ll most likely be called a sheep or accused of accepting bribes from either Nintendo or the Pokemon Company and that’s fine. That’s never stopped me from sharing my opinion and you can throw as much hate at me as you want. I’ll keep doing what I do and ignore all the bullshit that comes with it.

Pokemon has been under fire this year. Ever since people learned that there would be no national dex this year people have been looking for any excuse to jump down Gamefreak’s throat. They complained about everything. The graphics are poor, the animations, lack of Pokemon (even though it only trails TWO games in the amount available), and that it’s not Breath of The Wild. Yes, that last one actually exists.

It got even worse after the games released. People were upset that Pokemon Sword & Shield were reviewing well. IGN gave the game a 9.3 and Gamespot gave it a 9. There are some lower scores out there, but most reviewers call Sword & Shield one of, if not the, best Pokemon games ever made. People were unable to accept this and lashed out. They demanded that we not buy these games and follow their “movement”. I had someone tell me that I should cancel my preorder and I couldn’t help but laugh at them. Why would I let someone that has no say in my life whatsoever dictate to me what I should or shouldn’t spend MY money on?

Let’s talk about Gamefreak lied. People said Gamefreak lied because they used the exact same models that were in Sun & Moon. They took a picture at face value and decided to roll with it. IGN recently wrote an article and kind of debunked it. There was no evidence whatsoever that Gamefreak did lie. What most people probably don’t understand is that you can’t just take models from the 3DS and send them over to completely different hardware. It’s not that simple. That’s not counting for the new animations that are in the game. Yes, the game does have new animations and some of the same ones from previous Pokemon games. Literally every Pokemon game before this one did that.

The funny thing is that no one thought to do some research to find out if what leaked online was true. They just took it as the truth because nothing anyone will do or say will change their minds because they want this game to fail. They’re going to hate it no matter what. Do I think Gamefreak lied? No. I don’t. I think they’re working on new hardware and faced some challenges they never had before because the only experience they’ve ever had with Pokemon has been on very weak handhelds.

The wireframe data that leaked is unverifiable. Anyone with experience could easily fake those and convince people with an agenda that it’s real and that’s what I think happened. This article from IGN also mentions this and I think it’s worth a read.

The next thing on the list is about the national dex or lack thereof. The thing that started this entire circus is the national dex. It’s not in Pokemon Sword & Shield and I feel like it doesn’t need to be. There’s 400 Pokemon in Sword and Shield. That’s fewer than only X, Y, Ultra Sun, and Ultra Moon. It’s only 3 Pokemon behind Ultra Sun and Moon. You have never been able to catch every Pokemon in the game. Even with the national dex. Sword & Shield has done a great job of including Pokemon from every generation. I thought we would have all of gen 1 with some new mons thrown in there so I was very surprised at how many Pokemon from Gen 2 and up were in there.

The national dex not being in the game is not a big deal to me. How many of you bother to fill up your Pokedex? How many of you battle with all 800+ Pokemon? If you’re like me you just keep them in your bank and never use them for anything. I play new Pokemon games to play as the new Pokemon and experience the new region and I’m in love with Pokemon Shield right now.

People set themselves up for disappointment this generation. Why? Because everyone was expecting Breath of The Wild with Pokemon. I never wanted that or expected that. I expected another Pokemon game. Not everything HAS to be open world. I wouldn’t mind more open zones or a zone-based game, but not completely open. That’s a different topic for a different day.

This controversy is absolutely ridiculous. There’s so much yelling and screaming and demanding that no one is taking a step back and looking at things logically. Yes, Pokemon should feel like a game released in 2019 and in ways it does. The animations ARE better than they’ve ever been, but there’s also a lot of lazy last generation animations in there too. There’s a lot to love about Sword & Shield and I see where the reviewers were coming from when they wrote their glowing reviews. I can also understand some of the criticism too. But the crap like “bad graphics” when these new games are the best-looking ones in the series or “not enough Pokemon” is fucking stupid. I won’t support that.

And that’s the controversy and what I think of it. I won’t write about this again. I want to enjoy my new Pokemon game, catch some new Pokemon, and beat the undefeated Pokemon Master and ruin his entire career. The only thing I would advise anyone reading this to do is make up your own mind. Don’t get caught up in all of the negativity surrounding this game. If you want this game then go out there and buy it and don’t let anyone make you feel bad for it. If you’re one of the people hating this game for the reasons I mentioned above then you’ve already made up your mind. You’re probably going to hate this game no matter what I have to say about it.

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