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Let’s Talk About The Pokemon Controversy!

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Many people are upset that the upcoming Pokemon Sword & Shield will not have a national Pokedex and I’m here to give my thoughts on the situation! 

I can’t help but smile a little at all of this. People are actually mad that we’re not getting a national Pokedex. I guess it would be too much to expect that people understand that porting over 800 Pokemon to the Nintendo Switch would take some work. Or maybe, just maybe the developers want the new Pokemon to shine in this game in a way that they did back in Black & White. Black & White only allowed you to catch new Pokemon and those are vibes I’m getting with this new Pokemon game. 

I’m not going to excuse Game Freak’s laziness about the animations. You can rip them apart for that, but the Pokedex? It’s never been that big of a deal for me. When I start a new Pokemon game I’m there for the new region and the new Pokemon. Not the old ones. I know from a competitive point this game be game breaking, but even then you can find a party that works for you with only new Pokemon and I think that’s where most of the noise about this is coming from. 

You’ve got idiots downvoting anyone that says anything positive about Sword & Shield and demanding that everyone cancel their preorders because they did. They sound like entitled bitches. I’m not canceling my preorder. As a matter of fact, I preordered the double pack. Why? Because Sword & Shield looks really good to ME. I don’t care if that’s an unpopular thing to say right now. Haters will always make the most noise in a forum because they post more often than people that like the game in question. If YOU like a game (whether it’s Pokemon or not) then support it. Don’t let anyone bully you into changing your mind on it. 

People have been the loudest about the Pokedex, but now they’ve moved on to complaining about the graphics, animations, and how bad the games on the 3DS were (WHAT!). Those people are called idiots and best to ignore them and not give them any sort of attention and they’ll go away. The Pokemon games on the 3DS were excellent. I was hoping that with the release of these new games on the Nintendo Switch that we would have seen vastly overhauled animations. That’s not the case here. I agree with that criticism, but the graphics, Pokedex, and the 3DS games being “bad” I totally disagree with. Let’s Go was a bad Pokemon game for many reasons. The 3DS games were absolutely fantastic.

Everything about Sword & Shield is being criticized by trolls. Ignore them. That’s what I plan on doing. I’m going to vote with my wallet and buy these games. I’ll give the second copy to my wife. What do you think of this Pokemon controversy? Does the National Pokedex really matter in a new Pokemon game? Or are you just happy to explore a new region and catch NEW Pokemon like the way it’s meant to be? 

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    The Otaku Judge
    Jun 30, 2019 7:40 am

    Perhaps they can patch in more Pokémon at a later date? It’s in their interest to make as many as possible, so they can use those assets in future sequels. I’m not upset, as I never catch them all. People who pay for the bank are however naturally peeved. They spend money to store Pokémon and then find out many of them cannot be transferred into the new game.

    • Omar Jackson
      Jun 30, 2019 2:49 pm

      The Pokemon Bank was never guaranteed to appear on the Switch. People set themselves up for disappointment by thinking that. The Pokemon games on the Switch will eventually get every Pokemon but expecting them on the first core game on the system is ridiculous imo.

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