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Lets Talk About Toxic Game Communities!

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I’ll be using Fallout as my example since it’s the game I’m most familiar with in this case.

Fallout just turned 20 years old. To celebrate that huge number the first Fallout game is free on Steam. That means people that have never played the game will have the chance to play it for the first time and if they need help they can look to the Fallout veterans to help them right?

Every time someone has anything negative to say about the first two Fallout games people go crazy. This person wasn’t even being negative towards the game. He just expressed his frustration at not knowing where to go and getting killed by some mole rats at the beginning of the game. I commented and told him that most people look at the first two Fallout games with rose tinted glasses. The same can be said about any old game that has a cult following. The changes made to Fallout pissed all of the old Fallout fans off, but it gained a lot of new fans (like me) in the process and those old fans are not in the minority. I understand that Fallout started off as a CRPG. I’m glad it changed because those old games have aged horribly.

Nothing you say will convince me that Fallout 1 and 2 are better than 3 and 4. It’s my opinion and I’m entitled to it. The difference is I don’t give a shit about what insults you have ready to dish out at me. Go ahead and waste your time while I continue playing the games that I love. I got a bit sidetracked there. The comments that I read this morning were disgusting. Because someone needs help and publicly posted that his favorite Fallout games are the more modern ones he got insulted to hell and back. People were calling him unintelligent, a scrub and insulting him for liking Bethesda Fallout games.

The first Fallout game doesn’t work without a mod because it’ll be unplayable today without it. At least I can open up vanilla Fallout 4 and it’ll work from beginning to end. My first 100 hours of Fallout 4 was without mods. This has to be one of the most toxic fanbases in gaming.

Instead of trying to make a fellow gamer’s life easier by giving him some nice rookie tips they tore him to shreds. Some people replied to my comment about the rose tinted glasses and this is my reply –

Fallout 4 said, “War never changes” and I agree with that statement. There is a war going on and it’s between the new Fallout fans and the old ones. Fallout 1 and 2 fans wanted Fallout 3 to be just like the ones before it. What they fail to realize is that if Fallout 3 was like the previous ones there wouldn’t be a 4th one in the series because it would have died. Fallout 3 would not have sold nearly as well as it did if it was an isometric RPG. Think about that for a second before you bash on new Fallout fans.

If I comment that I like Fallout 4/3 or Skyrim more than Fallout 2/1 and Morrowind I’m accused of being a casual gamer and I have no place amongst “real gamers”. That’s cool. I don’t want to be affiliated with assholes anyway :).

What do you think of this topic? What game has the most toxic community in your opinion. Has anyone ever insulted you for not liking an old game or preferring a new game that changed the old formula?

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  • Reply
    Imtiaz Ahmed
    Oct 10, 2017 3:44 pm

    I hear ya, it’s a shame that “hardcore fans” of a series bring down the newer games just because they are not replicas of the original. I can’t help but feel the same when people discard something like Metroid Prime because it isn’t a side scroller. Boo hoo!

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    Ryan Cheddi
    Oct 30, 2017 8:27 pm

    These guys are the worst. I can’t stand anyone who’d hate on a guy just because they’re frustrated and need help in a game they’re struggling in. It’s worse when they hate on someone whose favourite entry of a series is the more modern versions vs the classics. It’s incredibly immature and it makes gamers who respect other people’s opinions on their favourite games look bad.

    Much respect for telling it as it is man. Great post.

    • Omar Jackson
      Oct 31, 2017 9:52 am

      Thanks! The reason why I wrote this is because of all the hate I was getting because I mentioned that I liked Bethesda’s version of Fallout more than the original ones. The Fallout fanbase is very toxic and hate on anyone that thinks their beloved Fallout 1, and 2 aren’t masterpieces and better than everything Bethesda has done with the series since. At the end of the day we’re all gamers. We all love playing games and should respect each, but we don’t. We have to hate each other for having different opinions instead of just accepting them. It’s sad really.

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