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Let’s Talk About Troubleshooter: Abandoned Children!

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Do you like Jrpgs? How about Xcom? Then you might want to pull up a chair and read about a little game called Troubleshooter.

Troubleshooter is a neat game that borrowed a lot of mechanics from Xcom and applied it to a JRPG. This game is more than just killing aliens and defending the earth. It tells a story in the city of Valhalla that’s so overrun with crime that the government had to hire civilians called Troubleshooter to help get the crime back under control since the military isn’t allowed to enter the city.

Troubleshooter is more character and story-focused than Xcom. The gameplay isn’t as great as that series because this isn’t a big-budget title like those games are, but it does have a great team of people working on it and it does bring some pretty cool things to the table in this genre. Unlike Xcom, this game doesn’t have permadeath. None of the characters in this game can die on the battlefield because this is a story-driven game. You don’t get to customize their appearance like in Xcom or change their names. You don’t get to choose their starting job or anything like that. What you see is what you get here.

I’ve played this game for a little over 4 hours and I only have a single partner so far. Most missions I’m helping the local police force fight crime by killing all sorts of gangsters on the streets. The main protagonist is a melee centered character and the first partner you unlock is an awesome electric mage with low defenses. After each mission, your energy levels will decrease. The only way to take it back up is either by resting or eating (or drinking) a meal you can buy from the local barkeep (also your landlord). Yes, you have a landlord in this game. You must pay your rent after a set amount of missions. I have no idea what’ll happen if I’m late with the rent or skip a payment. You also have to pay your employees. I haven’t experienced any problems with not being able to pay my rent or my teammate. I’m still really early in the game though so that could potentially change as I progress through the game.

Every mission has some sort of story attached to it filled with dialogue and gives you a reason to do what you’re doing. I love this and there’s supposedly has 80 unique missions. Unique missions mean they’ll be story-driven with cutscenes, etc while normal side missions won’t be. There’s honestly a lot of content here. Now, this game is pretty rough around the edges in the gameplay department. There’s also no voice whatsoever, but it’s presented beautifully with in-game art and the dialogue is excellent. I don’t know if voice acting is on the horizon or not, but it’s not a deal-breaker for me.

There’s also an online mode, but I honestly have no idea what the differences between online and offline are in terms of gameplay or what’s added or not. I’m playing in offline mode and I’m really enjoying it. I’ll dabble in online eventually. Troubleshooter: Abandoned Children is honestly excellent. Despite it playing like a budget Xcom I’m in love with this game because of the story, lore, and characters. And to be fair, the gameplay isn’t bad. It’s just not up to Xcom’s level of excellence and if I’m being honest here, nothing is. What you’ve got here is a really good JRPG with Xcom style gameplay and that’s enough for me. I love this game and I want to play more of it.

One thing I should probably mention is that there is character customization in this game. You can equip new weapons clothes, and skills to your characters. There’s also a level-up system that allows your characters to get stronger by killing enemies in battle. From what I’ve noticed every character that participates in battle gets XP. The unit that actually kills the enemy gets the most though. I never had to worry about one unit being overpowered because my new mage character was leveling up too despite the fact that he never outkilled Albus (the main protagonist).

Troubleshooter is a really neat JRPG that’s currently exclusive to the PC platform. I have no idea if a console version of the game is in the works or not. The developers are still very active with Troubleshooter on Steam and if you want to try the game out it’ll have to be on PC.

What do you think of Troubleshooter? Have you ever played it? Do you want to play it? You can let me know here, Twitter, or Facebook.

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