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Lets Talk About Uncharted: Lost Legacy!

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I bought this game for about $9 on a PS sale last month and I finally decided to make myself play through the majority of the game. So… how is the latest Uncharted game? Read on to find out what I think of it. 

If you know me you’ll know that Uncharted is one of my least favorite game series of all time. This game did not change my mind on the series. After playing the rebooted God of War I decided to play the newest Uncharted game in the series and after about 4, possibly 5, hours I finally uninstalled it from my PlayStation because I couldn’t take anymore of the mediocrity that is Uncharted: Lost Legacy. I will never understand what people see in this series, or any Naughty Dog game if I’m to be honest, and what I took away from my experience was an average story, average characters, and absolutely terrible gameplay. The story is like your standard Indiana Jones flick. The only difference being Indiana Jones is fucking awesome while this game is anything but… 

I can’t recall the names of anyone in the game. The main antagonist is as average as they come and I’ve seen his sort many times in both games and movies. The main protagonists are equally uninteresting and I spaced out a few times during some of their banter and cutscenes. One thing I can’t call this game is ugly though. It’s the opposite. It’s fucking gorgeous. It’s too bad exploring it leaves much to be desired. All you do is drive from point A to point B while collecting useless treasure in between. The biggest flaw of them all has to be the gameplay. This is a third person action game that plays terribly when compared to more recent games in the genre. I kept wishing this game would get good, but it never did. I went from dull action scene to stupid puzzles and then back to dull action scenes. The thing is that the gameplay is not good in this game at all. It’s stiff as shit. The camera is super stiff, aiming is slow, and it’s just not fun to play at all. When a game has mediocre gameplay the story has to make up for it. Sadly, that’s not the case here. While I’ve been sitting here typing all of this I’ve been trying to remember the names of the characters and what the hell they were doing. I can’t. I know they were looking for treasure, but that’s really about it. I honestly can’t recall a single moment that I thought was awesome about this game. It was just really frustrating to play and that soured my mood. 

Naughty Dog likes to try and make their games like movies, but, honestly, they’re not. I mean… they could be B grade films I suppose, but I’ve never been invested in a story this company has come up with and yes, I’ve played The Last of Us. I went into this game with an open mind. My expectations were low and it met them. I expected this to be an average game. What I didn’t expect was for the gameplay to be so bad. I was hoping it would have that Tomb Raider type of quality, but it doesn’t. I mean… the weak story here is leagues ahead of the shit stories that the new Tomb Raider games have, but that’s not really praise. I think it’s safe to say Uncharted is not for me. I have officially played all of them and I’ve never completed a single one. I always make to the halfway point or right near the end before I quit. The only good thing that’s come out of this is I only paid $9 for it because I would have been pissed off if I had paid full price for it. 

You can consider this my first, and final, thoughts on Uncharted: Lost Legacy. I can’t bring myself to complete this game and I’m not going to leave a score for it because I only score games I complete, but if I had to it would be about a 5. What do you think of Uncharted: Lost Legacy. Did you like it? Am I crazy for not liking it? Oh… and before you recommend Uncharted 4 I’ve already, briefly, played that one :). 

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    Brandon Green
    Feb 07, 2019 4:04 pm

    You already know I like Unchartef. I recently played Lost Legacy and I liked it. It’s got a few problems like the open world section of chapter 4 could have been done better.

    The best Uncharted games are 1, 2 and 3. Sure they want to be like Indiana Jones but that hard desire to be come a film didn’t start til The Last of Us.

    Still you gave it a shot. What’s the next game on your list?

    • Reply
      Feb 08, 2019 1:36 pm

      I knew you would disagree with me :). At least I tried right? I’m currently waiting for Etrian Odyssey: Nexus to arrive in the mail. It’s the final game that’s going to be on the 3DS before the series moves to the Switch. I’ve really been wanting to play an old school dungeon crawler lately so it’s arriving at the perfect time for me. As far as my Playstation goes I’m not sure what I’m moving on to next. I’m still obsessed with Resident Evil 2 on it.

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