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Let’s Talk About Warhammer: Chaosbane

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I have mixed feelings on this game already and I’ve only played for 40 minutes. Here’s what I think of Chaosbane so far.

The entire time I played this game I was thinking about jumping on something else. Like Path of Exile, Diablo, and even Grim Dawn. That’s not to say that Chaosbane is a bad game. It isn’t. It just doesn’t do anything to stand out in this genre or add anything new to it. It also has the worst opening location I’ve had the displeasure of playing through in this genre in years. Who starts their heroes off in a sewer? I keep hearing how fantastic the Warhammer series is and outside of a select few games I fail to see what’s so good about this series. 

I really enjoyed Vermintide and put about 50 hours in it before I quit. I played Warhammer: Inquisitor from Neocore games and while it’s not a great game it’s still pretty decent for what it is and this game doesn’t even surpass that one. Graphically it’s pretty poor with some really terrible particle effects that look like they were ripped straight from the PS2 days and the story (and voice acting since I’m on the topic) is piss poor. The only saving grace (for now) is the gameplay. It’s fast, it’s fluid, but it doesn’t really stand out in any way. I do like my Dwarven Berserker that has something against wearing shirts and I do love how easily I can rip mobs of enemies apart. I like that this game has multiple difficulty levels and that it rewards you by giving you more XP and rarer loot the higher you raise it. I love when ARPGs do something like that. 

The poor stage design is what’s really killing my fun though. I don’t like the areas I’m fighting in and the enemy variety isn’t that impressive either. I’m not even an hour into the game though and I’m hoping that’ll change as I continue to play. Another huge problem I have with the game can’t be fixed though. It’s the way the entire thing is designed. It’s not open like Diablo, Grim Dawn, and Path of Exile. It’s stage based. I have to talk to this dude, get a bunch of pointless dialogue about what I’m doing next, go outside, walk a little bit, and be transported to the next area. I hate this. I really, really hate it. I can’t go off and explore because there’s nothing to explore. At least not right now. 

I don’t know why the developers took that approach with this game. It completely takes me out of the game because I’m usually done with missions in 5 minutes. I’m hoping they eventually get a lot longer and branch off more than what they do now, but my expectations are really low. Chaosbane is $60. It’s priced like a triple-A game and it’s not as good as a free to play game or games that cost half of what it currently does. This game does absolutely nothing to set itself apart from any other game in the genre. The main selling point is that it’s a Warhammer game. Well… it’s a piss poor Warhammer game right now and it’s one I’m not really looking forward to jumping back into right now. I’m going to power through it though and try my best to remain open-minded. 

What do you think of Chaosbane? Do you agree with me? Or am I full of crap? 

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