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Let’s Talk About Yoshi’s Crafted World

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There’s a demo of Yoshi’s Crafted World up on the eshop right now. Here’s what I think of my first 30 minutes of action!

I’m a huge Yoshi fan. I’ve been in love with that little green dinosaur since I was a baby. Yoshi’s Crafted World… is a little disappointing so far. I like the game, but I don’t like the design choices of it. It feels like Yoshi’s Woolly World had more freedom and let me do more than this new game does. The level design in Woolly World was incredible and in this one, it’s just… okay. I also don’t like that I have to play the same stage multiple times to unlock the next one. First I had to complete the stage like normal. Then I had to play the exact same stage again and find three small dogs. And then I had to shoot 5 cows with my eggs. Why? Why make us go through so much bullshit to progress to the next stage? I prefer the straight to the point Wooly World. 

The gameplay is good. Yoshi always has great gameplay and it’s, thankfully, no different here. This game is fun to play, but I wonder if it’ll last me and my family as long as Woolly World did. My kids played the demo stages a few times and went back to play Kirby and Smash Ultimate and right now Captain Toad and Bomberman is at the top of their most wanted games list. They didn’t even name Yoshi when I was asking them what games they wanted the most on the Switch. 

I even don’t like the way I choose what stage I want to do next in this game. That’s not really a negative it’s more of a nitpick, but in Woolly World I could run around the overworld, enjoy the background music, and choose what stage I wanted to play. And, I know I’ve said this already, the level design in that game is absolutely incredible compared to what we got here. It’s just not good right now. I have mixed feelings on this game and that makes me sad because I LOVE Yoshi. I want to love this game, but I don’t. I’m still most likely going to end up buying it because it’s Yoshi and I’m not going to let a poor demo ruin the way I feel for him. What do I do love about the game is the graphics. This is one of the cutest looking games I’ve ever seen. It made me feel like a kid again while I was playing and I love it for that. I just hope this game isn’t super easy because Woolly World had some pretty insane stages. I hope this one does too. 

Have you played Yoshi’s Crafted World demo? What did you think of it?

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Share Your Thoughts!