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Little Nightmares Review

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My day long Halloween Scare Fest continues with Little Nightmares! Little Nightmares isn’t the scariest game on the block, but it’s atmosphere, and stage design is remarkable. Here’s my review for Little Nightmares.

The Great:


If you enjoy games like Limbo, or Inside you’ll really enjoy Little Nightmares. This game is filled with puzzles, and obstacles for us to overcome and most of them are fun to do. There’s not much to do in this game beside walk from the left side of the screen to the right while occasionally avoiding enemies, opening doors, and finding keys to unlock doors. There is no combat in this game and if you were expecting some sort of it this game might not be for you. Instead we have to use our brains to figure out one puzzle after another until we reach the end of the game and complete it. Some puzzles had me scratching my head, but none of them took very long for me to complete. I completed this game in 4 hours. Little Nightmares is not a “scary” game, but it is very atmospheric, and creepy.

The stage design is excellent. Every stage had many obstacles for me to overcome, enemies to sneak around, hidden objects to collect, and challenged me. This game made me use my brain to overcome some challenges and I really enjoyed it.


This is one of the best looking Indie games that I’ve played this year. The lighting is excellent, the character models look fantastic, and the 4 different stages all look great. The lighting in this game is probably the best I’ve seen all year-long.  The prison, and final stage in the game really stood out because of how well the lighting in the game is. The only way to see anything around you in really dark areas is by using your lighter, but it’s not a magic lighter. It barely lights up what’s in front of you and that’s the way it should be in games like this. I love the graphics in this game.


The soundtrack in this game is my new favorite soundtrack this year. Every song that played was excellent and fit the dreary atmosphere perfectly. There wasn’t a single dull track and none of them felt out-of-place. The moans, and groans from the npcs, and enemies are well done, and the creepy singing from a certain enemy in the game made me pause because I didn’t want to approach her or be anywhere near her.

The Good:


In Little Nightmares you play as Six. Six’s goal is to escape from The Maw and that’s all I’m going to tell you. This is a really short game and telling anyone anything about the story would be spoiling it for them. It’s like Inside. You can’t really tell anyone what your favorite parts of the game is because it’s so short that you’ll be ruining it for them. I really love the lore, Six, and dark story that this game tells. I really, really enjoyed it.

The Bad:

It’s Really Short For A $20 Game:

I completed this game in 4 hours and I paid $20 for it. I don’t regret that decision because I really enjoyed it, but I know some of you would want more bang for your buck. I don’t recommend this game because of its short length, but I do recommend buying it when it goes on sale because it is a really good game that I think should be in your library if you’re a fan of games like this.

The Verdict

Little Nightmares is a excellent game and well worth the price if you're a fan of games like this. For everyone else I would recommend waiting because it's only 4 hours long and doesn't have high replay value. I really enjoyed Little Nightmares. It's a really dreary, creepy, and, at times, grotesque game that kept me entertained from the moment I started playing until I put my controller down when I saw the end credits roll up. This is absolutely one of the best horror games I've ever played and I would recommend to anyone that enjoys games of this type. For everyone else I would recommend waiting for this game to go on sale.

Final Score:

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    The Shameful Narcissist
    Nov 10, 2018 8:28 pm

    I really loved this game. I watched it (of course. TSN doesn’t play any kind of scary games, especially those with jump scares lol), and now I want to read the comic/graphic novel associated with it. Have you played the DLCs? They really add to the story. I have a review planned for this one…eventually. I’m so behind in all my reviews and I’ve suspended reviews this month to work on writing so eh.

    • Reply
      Nov 10, 2018 9:59 pm

      I have not played the DLCs yet :(. There’s so much stuff coming out that I want to play that I keep putting it off. I feel ya on those reviews. I was in a bit of a review slump for a few months and now I’m dropping one every other day lol. I’m currently working on my Pokemon Project to celebrate the release of Lets’ Go Pikachu/Eevee.

      There was a few times in this game when I almost noped out. It can be completed in two hours, but I’m coward so it took me double that to do some things.

      • Reply
        The Shameful Narcissist
        Nov 11, 2018 1:05 pm

        Even though I’m on hiatus this month, I managed to knock out some smaller book reviews, but all of my game reviews are complicated lol. I’m still in the midst of the one for FFV and I *might* be halfway through it. I still need to review SOMA, Oxenfree (which is awesome), The Last of Us, Syberia, Inside, The Ico Trilogy, The Mass Effect Trilogy, and a bunch more. I think the games take longer because I tend to watch more complex games but with the books it’s a mixed bag. Some of them will take me half an hour to write, others might take weeks.

        I am such a wuss puss, dude lol. Don’t even sweat it. The scene where the janitor reaches through the wall I was nearly through the roof.

        • Reply
          Nov 11, 2018 1:16 pm

          All forms of reviews are complicated to me. In some games that I review I can write my thoughts down in an hour and be done with it, but it other games that can take up to 100 hours to complete are more complicated and require me to put more thought into it before giving my review. I also like to wait for the wow factor to wear off so I can be more logical about some games that I play. Where most people would give a game like Breath of the Wild a 10 I’ll settle for a 7 because I didn’t write my thoughts down as soon as I finished the game. I’m currently trying to put my thoughts together for Persona 5, but I’m not rushing it. It’ll be done when it’s done.

          I’m a total wuss in most horror games, but Iove the genre so I keep playing them lol.

          • The Shameful Narcissist
            Nov 13, 2018 9:50 pm

            That 100 hours is what’s happening with me and FFV, but I’m usually like that with heavily narrrative driven RPGs. Octopath will be another one. I think I wrote out Valiant Hearts’ review pretty quickly because it had one huge emotional core and I could focus on that. Mr. Panda just did a review on it, too, which is pretty much exactly how I feel just with parts on gameplay.

            Waiting for the hype to die down is good. I either get caught up in it or do the exact opposite and hop on a hater bandwagon, but I’m less susceptible to that now that I’m older.

            Ahhh that’s kind of how I feel. It’s such a fascinating genre. I have cosmic horror story plans to write which means I need to watch, read, and play as many horror things as possible. I’m almost done SH 4. I’ve heard some mixed reviews about more of the games, but the Let’s Player is hilarious so I might just keep going with the series.

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