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Logan Review

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Everyone was raving about how great Logan is and I don’t see why. This movie is a mess and the only thing it has going for it is the R rating that it constantly reminds you of. 

Logan is the last time we’re going to see Hugh Jackman as Wolverine. Hopefully, this is true because I would love to see what Fox would with X-men without shoving Wolverine down our throats. The way this movie is universally praised confuses me. What’s so special about it?

There are no memorable characters outside of Logan himself. Professor Xavier was horrible and his death scene was as anti-climatic as it could get. Caliban was wasted in this film, and his little girl was mute until they decided she shouldn’t be for plot purposes.

The dialogue isn’t good either when compared to the previous film. We had to be told multiple times that Logan was dying from his adamantium skeleton, that professor X is a senile old man, and be reminded of the big bad guy. If they’re not dropping F-bombs they’re advancing the plot. Professor X’s big death moment should have been handled better and I’m tired of seeing Logan fight a version of himself.

This time he actually fought himself and for what? The first time they fought was pretty good, but their final fight was disappointing. How many times have we seen Wolverine charge into battle and slash people up? The only difference this time is that they’re actually showing blood this time around. Where are the memorable moments? Where are the awesome fight scenes? I didn’t see any and I’m having a hard time remembering what happened and it’s only been two days. The only scene that I can easily recall is the final fight scene and Logan’s death. Don’t get me wrong I was sad to see Logan die because Hugh Jackman has been playing the part well for many years, but when I think about how all those little farts around him had powers and could have easily helped him kill the other Logan I can’t help but get disappointed because it made little sense for them to focus all of their energy on a normal dude.

The scene was weak and stupid. Logan could have lived and started a new school or shelter for mutant kids. Instead, he died and other kids were most likely hunted down and killed later on. A stupid fucking ending to an average movie that I probably won’t remember in a month or two.

One or two good scenes doesn’t save this movie for me. Why even have Patrick Stewart in your movie if you don’t really do anything with him except make him a bumbling idiot? Why should I care about Logan’s little girl? They didn’t bond, but they felt the need to let her tear up and call him daddy at the end? Why? It’s not like he was a great dad, to begin with. Shit like that makes no sense at all.

I know many people love this movie. I’m not one of them. It okay for it what it was, but I wouldn’t recommend it to anyone I know.


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