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Lords of The Fallen Review [PC]

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Lords of The Fallen is known as the Dark Souls clone and that’s a pretty fair comparison because it does nothing to stand out from the game it took so much from, but is that a bad thing? 

Lords of The Fallen gets quite a lot of hate from the Dark Souls community and for good reason. It’s just a clone that doesn’t do anything better than the Souls series, but it also isn’t a terrible game. I had a lot of fun with this game and obviously I compared it to Dark Souls throughout my entire playthrough.

The Great:


If you’re familiar with any Souls game you’ll feel right at home in Lords of The Fallen. I’ve completed every Souls game there is and I had very little problem adjusting to Lords of The Fallen’s gameplay because of how identical it is to Dark Souls. Lords of The Fallen is much slower paced than Dark Souls though and that’s not exactly a bad thing. Weapons feel meatier than they do in Dark Souls, and when you wear heavy armor you’re literally unstoppable. You can eat enemies hits and deliver devastating blows with huge ass axes, swords, and maces. There is a wide variety of weapons that will suit just about anyone. The only downside is there are no ranged weapons in the game whatsoever.

In addition to your normal weapons you can also use a gauntlet to fire out different kinds of projectiles. This is an interesting idea, but I rarely used my gauntlet. The only time I did was when I was fighting ghost and while it was awesome I mainly stuck with my melee weapons.



Lords of The Fallen looks fantastic. This game looks better than every Souls game in existence. The spells looks fantastic, the world itself is varied and rich with detail, and enemy models are amazing. The enemies in this game look grotesque, and menacing. The weapons, and armor sets that I hunted down are some of the best looking sets I’ve seen in any game. The same can be said about Dark Souls too, but in Lords of The Fallen they just look a little better.


This is one part of the game that the devs nailed. The main menu theme song is beautiful and it really set the tone for the rest of the game. I’ve always said that a good soundtrack can make or break a game. Good games that have horrible soundtracks take away from the experience in my opinion. Lords of The Fallen has a fantastic soundtrack. I went out and brought myself the official soundtrack just so I can listen to it from time to time.

The Good:


Instead of letting us find the story for ourselves like Dark Souls does Lords of The Fallen gives us a more traditional story. In Lords of The Fallen we play as Harkyn, a former prisoner, and he tasked with killing a God. I was fairly surprised with the story in this game. I didn’t really think much of it at first, but it’s not bad. It’s not a groundbreaking story by any means, but it’s not terrible either and I appreciate the effort that went into.



Crafting in Lords of The Fallen is alright. It takes a similar approach to Dark Souls, but it’s different enough to stand out. After every boss that you kill you’ll get a shard that you can spend experience points to amplify into something better once you get to a forge. You can’t craft your own unique weapons like you can in Dark Souls, but you can add some pretty sweet enhancements to your weapons, and armor.

It’s Optimized Very Well For PC:

Dark Souls games are a nightmare to play on PC. They’re never optimized very well and I was nervous when I booted up Lords of The Fallen with a mouse and keyboard instead of using my Xbox One controller. I was very surprised to see how well everything played. I never switched to using a controller and I was very happy for that.

The Bad:


I never cared for anyone that I came across in the entire game. I like the way the story was told, but I always did whatever I wanted to do and didn’t care much for the consequences because I never liked anyone to begin with. I really didn’t care for the woman that you met early in the game. The only thing she did was disrespect Harkyn and be rude to just about everyone, but I’m supposed to do her favors when she ask me to and care about sending her home to meet her family.

Boss Fights:

This has to be the weakest part of Lords of The Fallen. Every boss in the game can be beaten quite easily. Once I learned their moveset I knew exactly when to strike and when to fall back. I repeated the same pattern for every boss fight and killed almost all of them on my very first try. It just wasn’t challenging at all and some times I sighed in disappointment as I killed a very cool looking boss that I thought would give me problems, I’m looking at you graveyard boss. Lords of The Fallen can’t compete with Dark Souls in this area of the game and it’s a real missed opportunity.

It’s Too Easy:


I competed Lords of The Fallen in about 22 hours. I found just about every secret, piece of armor, weapons, and secret portal that I could find. None of the enemies were really challenging to begin with. Even when I’m surrounded I’m not really worried because I know I can tank my way through them. I can take hits from the biggest enemies on the battlefield and kill them with two to three hits. That’s one combo at most with my great axe. I breezed through this entire game. I was hoping that new game plus would amp up the difficulty, but it didn’t. I’m breezing through that too so far. The only difference is everything has a lot more health.

It’s Not Very Big:

Lords of The Fallen is a pretty short game. Now that I know where to go and what to do I’m pretty sure this next run will take me 10 hours to complete. Maybe 15 if I take my time. The great thing about Dark Souls is the way the world was designed and while Lords of The Fallen tried to mimic the way Dark Souls world was set up it ultimately failed to give a lasting impression on me. There just aren’t enough environments, or secret areas to keep me invested in this game for as long as I was in Dark Souls.


The DRM on Lords of The Fallen is terrible. I lag when I shouldn’t be lagging, the game would freeze randomly in the middle of a fight, and it’s just annoying to play at times. There is no reason why my rig can’t handle this game on max settings, but here I am lagging my way through tight corridors while attempting to fight off packs of enemies. I would recommend the console version of the game over the PC version because of this.

The Verdict:


Lords of The Fallen is a fun game that entertained me for more then 20 hours. It’s a Dark Souls clone, but it’s not a terrible one. I love how meaty the weapons feel when I hit an enemy, and I love the world, but it doesn’t have much replayability for me. At the end of the day I would rather play any other Souls game. I would love to see this expanded on in the future, but I want the developers to make this game their own and not just a Dark Souls clone. Add some more interesting elements in the game that makes it stand out because right now it doesn’t stand out in any way from the Soul series and that’s why I’m having a hard time recommending this to anyone.

If you’re looking for a game that’s not as hard as Dark Souls I would recommend you start here. Lords of The Fallen is an easy game and it does have some really good gameplay. If you can force yourself to go through the DRM that plagues this game on PC you’ll have yourself a good time.


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