Lost Planet 3- Thoughts

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Lost Planet 3 has just released today and it’s a bit under the radar considering I haven’t heard or even read that much about it in the last few months. I kind of liked part 1, and never had a chance to play part 2 and now we have a part 3. I haven’t completely written off this series yet and who knows Lost Planet 3 might be a kickass game. I like the way gameplay looks, and it looks like they actually focused on making a decent story this time around.

I also love the icy surroundings and the way the monsters on the planet looks. Aside from that I fear this game might be a boring as the first one. Don’t get me wrong I liked the first one because of it’s environment but the game fell apart by the end. I never experienced part 2 but I was thrown off by it because of my experience with the first one. I might end up buying this when it’s on sale in a few months. I don’t see myself paying 50 bucks for a game I might not like. And there you have it guys my thought on Lost Planet 3. I hope you enjoyed reading this and if you did i’ll have more for you real soon.

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Share Your Thoughts!