Lovie Smith Loses His Job After Only 2 Seasons With Tampa Bay

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What is going on in the NFL right now? You’ve gotta give a coach more then two years to get things rolling with bad teams…

Just when I thought that the Tampa Bay Buccaneers was finally going somewhere they fire their head coach and the only thing I can ask… is why? Lovie Smith was in charge of building up Tampa and making them relevant again, but lets be honest here. It takes more then two years to take a team like the Buccaneers and make them good again.

They just got their rookie hotshot QB in Jameis Winston and they had a better record then they’ve had in the last three years. Next season was looking pretty bright for the Tampa organization, but in this new era of head coach firing after a season or two continues to be true with teams like Tampa, Miami, and Cleveland.

It doesn’t matter how many new head coaches you bring to these teams if you don’t give them time to build it up in their image you’re going to fail every single time. Tampa Bay is, once again, looking for a new head coach, but you’ve got to wonder if any big name coaches will bother turning up for a job interview after this.

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Share Your Thoughts!