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Mad Max: Fury Road Review

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I didn’t go see Mad Max because the trailers to the movie really sucked. I kind of wish that I that I did though because it was pretty awesome. 

Mad Max: Fury Road is a reboot of the famous Mad Max films that came out way back in the day. Is Mad Max: Fury Road a good reboot or does it fall in the same category as Terminator, and Nightmare on Elm Street?

fury-roadIn the beginning of the movie Max, Tom Hardy, is being pursued by a gang of very angry people and is captured soon after the conflict begins. His ride is taken from him, and he’s tortured for quite awhile before he’s forced to be a human bloodbank for a psychopath that turned out to be pretty awesome as the movie progressed. What seems like a simple escape is quickly turned into a huge car chase across the desert.

Immortan Joe lost his prized sex slaves and he’ll do anything to get them back. That anything includes chasing Max, and company across the known world while murdering whoever gets in his way. Imperator Furosa, Charlize Theron, forces Max to take her, and her friends, with him while they attempt to escape the army of psychos chasing them. That’s the short part of the plot. It’s simple, but it gets the job done.

Tom Hardy is the new Mad Max and while he does a good job portraying him I really didn’t care much for his character until much later. On the other hand I really loved Imperator Furosa as soon as I saw her on the screen. She’s simply a badass that I’m pretty sure can kick my ass without breaking a sweat. She only has one hand, but that doesn’t stop her from shooting, punching, kicking, and running people over with her big  ass vehicle for two hours.

Charlize Theron stole the show in my opinion and I hope that she’s in the sequel.

Nathan Jones also played a small role in this movie. For those of you that don’t know who that is he’s a former WWE superstar that never made it big, but was awesome to watch in the ring because of how freakishly athletic he was. Jones was just a big, bad guy for Max to go up against and it was awesome.

Mad_Max__Fury_Road_-_Official_Main_Trailer__HD__-_YouTube+copyThe high point of Fury Road is the nonstop action. Every action sequence takes place during chase scenes. At first I was worried about that because chase scenes are rarely done good in my opinion, but Fury Road nailed it. It didn’t just nail it, but it hit the ball out of the park. Fury Road has the best chase scenes I’ve ever seen in any film in my life. I can argue that this is the best action movie I’ve ever seen and I would challenge anyone to name an action that does it better than Fury Road.

In the next film I would like to see some more character building. I think the only thing holding Fury Road back is character building. It just isn’t there and it’s shame because everything else about Fury Road is excellent. I had little to no reason to really care about anyone besides Max, and Furosa. Introduce some characters that don’t die and let us fall in love with them.

maxresdefault (1)
He is not having a good day.

I’m really glad there was no forced romance in this film. I can’t tell you how many times romance has ruined a good action movie. I like how Max learned to care for Furosa later on the movie. At first they didn’t trust each other at all, but as they spent more time together they learned to trust each other. It was really well done and hopefully in the sequel we might get some romance between the two. It wouldn’t make sense to have romance in Fury Road because the only thing they really did was fight off psychos all day and night. Romance between them to would have felt forced, but at the end of the film there’s a ton of opportunity for them to get together in the future, but the way that their relationship is set up could also mean that they’ll just remain platonic in the next film. Either way I’m really glad this film kicked ass and if you haven’t seen it I highly recommend it.

I walked away from Fury Road full of excitement. I really loved it and I can’t wait for the sequel. I would like to see Max’s PTSD explored more in the next film and some more bad ass chase scenes, but don’t center the whole movie around them though. I think the sequel should slow things up a bit just so we can see more character building, and stronger plot.

I don’t believe I didn’t see this in theaters, but watching it on my flat screen sort of made up for it… just a little anyway.


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