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Mad Max Screenshot Mode Is Amazing

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Mad Max has a feature that I think should be included in every game and that’s screenshot mode. It’s a really awesome feature that lets me get as creative as I want with my pictures. I decided to share some of them with everyone today. 

This had me on the floor laughing. Just read it :].

2015-09-05_00021 2015-09-07_00007 2015-09-07_00006 2015-09-07_00001 2015-09-06_00016 2015-09-06_00015 2015-09-06_00008 2015-09-06_00003 2015-09-06_00002

I finally completed Mad Max last night. It took me about 53 hours. I still have some side stuff to do, but a good majority of the game is finished. My review should be up in the next day or two.

Share Your Thoughts!

Share Your Thoughts!